Cryptic dealings of the state bank of India itself causing great hardships to the consumers and our systems lacks accountability


Grievance Status for registration number : DEABD/E/2021/06676
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Financial Services (Banking Division)
Grievance Description
Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Deficiency in Customer Service Related >> Delay in Service

Bank : State Bank of India
Branch / Name of Bank and Branch : City Branch District Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Concerning branch manager and others accountable staffs of the state bank of India, I request you all to peruse the following note of the service provider Airtel company and attached grievance to this representation.
Company Remark: Customer complained regarding recharge not done for his number 9005609242 however the amount got deducted from his bank account. The customer has provided a screenshot in which it showing the payment was failed. Moreover, mail marked to the concerned team. As per team revert, transaction details not found in our record as the transaction was failed. Spoken to the customer on 7379105911 on 26 Jan and requested him to contact with his respective bank for chargeback request.
Remark Date 2021-01-26 15:19:20
Near about two weeks passed so more delay on the part of State Bank of India, you can not justify. If the transaction fails, then according to guidelines of reserve bank of India, it has to return in the same account as soon as possible but it seems that something is wrong in this case. Sir my request is to make it right through a positive approach.
Grievance Document
Current Status
Case closed   
Date of Action
issue resolved ,RBO reply attached we recomment to close the complaint
Reply Document
Rating Remarks
Sir think about the gravity of the situation that transactions are failed but the amounts deducted is not returning back to the account. Moreover, Airtel is informing in the matter that payment is not available to its records. Which implies that our money is no more safe in the banks which are facing such mismanagement and lawlessness because of their non accountable incompetent staffs. Undoubtedly there is no effective control of the government on such financial institutions because of the rampant corruption in the system which is increasing in manifold.
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Shri Rajesh Kumar Meena
Officer Designation
Dy General Manager
Contact Address
Email Address
Contact Number
Reminder(s) / Clarification(s)
Reminder Date
27 Jan 2021 TO TRANSFERUPI/DR/102710835987/EURON ETG/ICIC/euronetgpa/UPI
TRANSFER TO 5097730162096 Rs 48.00
श्री मान जी यह ट्रांजैक्सन भी फ़ैल हुआ है २७ जनवरी २०२१ को इसका भी रिफंड नहीं हुआ है खाते में
आशा है दोनों के रिफंड उपरांत ही आप शिकायत को बंद करेंगे नहीं तो फिर से शिकायत आशा है आप समय की कीमत करेंगे
आप इसको जल्दी में निस्तारित करने के चक्कर में इस अतिरिक्त इनपुट को नजरअंदाज नहीं करेंगे

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