An effort to demoralize an anticorruption crusader by hatching conspiracy through false and baseless allegations on Yogi M P Singh

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आवेदक का नाम-Yogi M P Singhविषय-Mens rea means in latin Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea which means act itself does not make a man guilty unless he intends so. Attached photograph is the written representation of Ashok Kumar Singh S/O Surujoo Singh addressed to the addressed to Inspector, Kotwali Vindhyachal, District-Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. He made the allegations against four persons who cooked fish in the night and ate thereafter hurled abuses on his family members including him and alleged that brother in-law Mahesh Pratap Singh instigated that shoot these people and I will tackle entire matter from police station Vindhyachal.Here Mahesh Pratap Singh popularly known as Yogi M P Singh is third alleged accused in the matter raised by the . Ashok Kumar Singh alias Angad Singh S/O Surujoo Singh Honourable Inspector Kotwali Vindhyachal and Superintendent of police District-Mirzapur, most respectfully sheweth that 

1-I have never eaten meat in my life which may be proved through medical examination test. If you Honourable Sir arrange, I am ready for this test. 

2-I have not gone in the village -Babura in the last 14 years. I challenge if someone proves my presence the village-Babura contrary to my claim. 

3-Moreover, the applicant is a human rights activist and R.T.I. Activist and daily works at my personal computer at least 15 hours at my dwelling place Surekapuram Colony. Which may be proved through available contents on my blogs The standard of works itself showing that no other person can perform such works. 

4-The applicant is an anti-corruption crusader and a man of principal so it is impossible to provoke others to indulge in unlawful activities. 

5-If police superintendent Mr. Ajay Singh earlier posted as S.P. City in this Mirzapur district then he knows well that I do not  take tea because I denied politely the tea offer then he offered water. I had given human rights book to him as he had asked to provide me. I pursue to my ideals firmly. 

6-Undoubtedly, I write petitions/applications for other persons but these petitions are based on facts. Otherwise why crowed gathers to take help in order to seek justice from public functionaries with lure of better drafting.  

I can never tolerate such baseless, irrelevant allegations from an individual does not know in detail about me. It is too much troublesome that a layman hatching conspiracy on the ground of false and fabricated facts which outcome may cause adverse impact on him. Sir, I am ready to face investigation if the applicant is found prime facie guilty in the raised matter. Sir, date and time is the essential component of a criminal event which must be confirmed at the earliest with the authentic copy of the registered F.I.R. 

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