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Friday, July 30, 2021

Whether the humiliation of 71 years parents by a son is justified if not why police concerned is overlooking grievances of parents


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शिकायत संख्या:-40019921013978

आवेदक का नाम-Shiv Kumariविषय-The matter concerns the cheating of a son with the parents and with his own brothers and sisters but Kotwali Katra police is overlooking the matter to register a first information report in the matter. Think about the gravity of the situation that we are being mercilessly beaten and perpetually being harassed and humiliated by our son since year 2015 when we made first complaint quite obvious from the attached documents which are verified by notary. Sir property inherited from ancestors to the parents is not the property of the parents, but it is the property of the children which must be shared equally among them not acquired by one of them cunningly as done by wrongdoer son who cheated his innocent and gullible parents. Victim- Shiv Kumari and her husband Shiv Shankar S/O Late Badri Prasad, whose ages are 71 years and 66 years respectively. Address- Mohalla- Bhaisahiya tola, Police station- Kotwali Katra, District-Mirzapur PIN code-231001 Accused-Vinod Kumar S/O Shiv Shankar and his wife Address- Jangi Road, Kakrahwa Police station- Kotwali Katra, District-Mirzapur PIN code-231001 Accused son is a drinker and after drinking quarrels with the parrents along with her wife. Duo have zero respect to the parents. Now both have exceeded entire limits of modesty and lost etiquette and manners and our lives hell at this stage of life. Now we are facing imputation of snatching the rights of their children because of cunningness of my accused son. Applicant submitted the complaint before the superintendent of the police District-Mirzapur through my advocate on 23 July 2021 which was forwarded by the superintendent of the police to the Katra Kotwali police Mirzapur, but police concerned adopted lackadaisical approach in the matter and overlooked the prayers of the senior citizens like us living lives of the hell because of wrongdoer drunkard Son. Please take a glance of the third and fourth page of the attached PDF document.Please direct the Kotwali Katra police to register a first information report against the accused as aforementioned under appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code. Whether humiliation of parents by the wrongdoer son and daughter-in-law and cheating not only with the parents but also with brothers is justified?   

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