MGKVP Varanasi collected Rs.140000 illegally from the students and D.M. Varanasi putting the matter into dustbin


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  1. संदर्भ संख्या : 60000190177170 , दिनांक - 11 Jun 2020 तक की स्थिति Report dated-17-Jan-2020 is not available on the Jansunwai portal of government of Uttar Pradesh. Whether it is not corruption? I think that they have taken bribe and now burying the matter ipso facto obvious.
    1-Certified copy of letter-number-अधी-२ बी स० अ० /१६२००४ /जन-सुनवाई-२०१७/२०१९ dated-21-Dec-2019 which Photostat is available in the office of D.M. Varanasi as claimed through Report dated-17-Jan-2020.
    2-Name and designation and date of posting of the staffs who processed the aforementioned grievances and considered the grievances disposed of.
    3-Provide minutes of proceedings regarding redress of the aforementioned grievances.
    4- Provide action taken and the amount of additionally charged fee refunded.

  2. Our motive is good governance and corruption free government but it seems that our corrupt public functionaries will not leave the the path of corruption which is quite obvious from their working style as corruption is is increasing whole day and night and transparency and accountability is no more in our government machinery. Moreover Right to Information act 2005 has been thrown into dustbin by the ongoing incumbent.

  3. The matter concerns the exploitation of students which includes in the vulnerable section such loot cannot be justified as the university Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth is promoting anarchy and corruption in the attached or affiliated colleges by imposing late payment on the students on the flimsy ground which is not only illegal but also unconstitutional as the late payment was imposed arbitrarily.

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