S.H.O. Jigna must tell order of competent court to Kamlesh Singh caused grabbing of land

 Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2024/0029603

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Kamlesh Singh

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Uttar Pradesh

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The matter concerns the anarchy in the working of the station house officer police station Jigna police circle Lalganj district Mirzapur.

S.H.O. Jigna must tell the applicant, which competent court added the purchasers of the land to grab the controversial land concerning which litigations are pending in various courts including theft of stamp duty in execution of registry?

Whether station house officer police station Jigna will tell the applicant that how the offenders took the possession of the land by doing the construction at the site of dispute when he had already assured the applicant that no more construction and working will take place at the disputed site?

Sir, it is true that after the intervention of the police, the hand pump bore work was stopped midway by Jay Dhir Singh. But it is also true that a plan is being made by Dilip Singh son of Raghuvar Dayal Singh to surround the land with stones and wire, which is not fair in any way. Sir, it is the moral duty of Jigna Police to warn Dilip Singh s/o Raghuvar Dayal Singh to wait for the decision of the Honorable Revenue Court and not to disturb the situation in any way. Sir, on the basis of registration deed in which theft of stamp duty was carried out by both the sellers and purchasers and the litigation by government is pending in the appropriate court, purchasers of the land cannot take possession until the mutation proceedings are over. 

Sir, in the past, a hand pump was being constructed by Jaydhir Singh's son Raghuvar Dayal Singh in the disputed land, the basis of which was that one bigha 6 biswa land has been registered by father Raghuvar Dayal Singh in the name of Rita Singh to his wife.

It is quite obvious that Raghuvar Dayal Singh S/O Bhanu Pratap Singh sold its ancestral property to her son in law Priya Singh W/O Dilip Singh and Rita Singh wife of Jay Dheer Singh which adjudication is pending in the court of sub divisional magistrate Sadar.

Moreover, both the purchasers of the land and the seller as aforementioned committed the offence of theft of stamp duty therefore department of registry government of Uttar Pradesh filed 2 cases i.e. case number D202316530000370 and D2023165000370 against following offenders, and they have aggregated the theft of stamp duty of amount two lakh and 74,000 rupees. Which details are as follows.

Complaint No- 60000230077406 In the complaint number 60000230077406 received on the Jansunwai Portal, a complaint of stamp theft has been lodged by the complainant Shri Kamlesh Singh. Regarding the complaint made by the complainant, it is to be informed that in the order of the complaint in question, the Deputy Registrar Sadar has issued account sheet numbers 13783/2021 and 13784/ 2021. The site inspection was done on 21.04.2023 in the presence of complainant Shri Kamlesh Singh. In account number 13783/2021, the reduction stamp duty is Rs. 1.90.750/- and the reduction registration fee is Rs. 38,890/- Total reduction is Rs. 229,640/- and Accounts No. 13784/- 2021, the reduction stamp duty has been sent to the undersigned office for recovery indicating the reduction stamp duty of Rs. 36,050/- and reduction settlement fee of Rs. 7.950/- to the undersigned office for recovery indicating the total reduction of Rs. 44,000/-, which has been recorded on the website of the Revenue Council, whose stamp case number is D202316530000370 and D2023165000370 respectively. The case is disposed of as it is not related to this office. 25-04-2022 (Krishna Kumar Yadav) Assistant Inspector General Of Registration, Mirzapur.

For the more details, please take the perusal of the attached PDF document to the grievance.

Now police must tell the reason to the applicant how it reached on the conclusion that mutation of the land sold by the wrongdoer Raghuvar Dayal Singh has been completed? Right to reason is the indispensable part of the sound administrative system so it is an obligatory duty of the police to provide the reason to the applicant.

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Uttar Pradesh

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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  1. Corruption in the department of police is the main cause of miseries of the common people in this largest democracy in the world.

  2. This is the truth of the police that it works with arbitrariness and always runway from the truth. Whether tooth can be concealed by creating the atmosphere of fear as being done by the police.

  3. Everyone is well apprised of the fact that what is going on in the government machinery especially in the Department of police government of Uttar Pradesh.

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