Munni Lal Prajapati seeks revenue records from Tehsildar Sadar Mirzapur under RTI

Name-Munni Lal Prajapati, Name of the father-Vishwa Nath Prajapati, Name of the grandfather- Mahadev Prajapati Is seeking following information from Tehsil Sadar.

The information seeker is seeking information on behalf of Munni Lal Prajapati son of Vishwa Nath Prajapati, Mobile number- 8808710484 concerning revenue documents which custodian is Tehsil Sadar District Mirzapur under the supervision of sub divisional magistrates Sadar.

The aggrieved information seeker details are as follows.

Name-Munni Lal Prajapati, Name of the father-Vishwa Nath Prajapati, Name of the grandfather- Mahadev Prajapati

Address- Balak Das Ka Pokhara, Telia Ganj, Mirzapur City, PIN code 231001, Mobile number- 8808710484.

According to Munni Lal Prajapati, his grandfather Mahadev Prajapati was the servant of Raja Vijayapura and Raja Vijayapura provided the Patta of the land to his grandfather. 

The details of the revenue records how the concerned land transferred from Mahadev Prajapati to Ayodhya son of Mahesh thereafter to his sons is attached to the application.

The information seeker is seeking following information from Tehsildar Sadar who is the public information officer in Tehsil Sadar regarding following points as follows.

1- Please provide the information regarding the transfer of the land which Patta was provided by Raja Vijayapur to the grandfather Mahadev Prajapati was transferred to the Ayodhya son of Mahesh.

2- It is quite obvious that on the second page of the attached pdf document, there is mentioned a decision dated 19 June 1963. Please provide the details of this decision including the name and designation of the government is staff who delivered this decision explicitly.

3- Tehsildar Sadar may provide the copy of these records available in the record room of the Tehsil Sadar which inspection was carried out on the request of the applicant which report is attached as the attached pdf document to the application.

This is a humble request of the aggrieved applicant/information seeker to provide three-point information within a stipulated 30 days as prescribed under subsection 1 of section 7 of the right to information act 2005.

In this case the applicant is only instrumental to facilitate the services of the government to the vulnerable applicant and if concerned staff deem fit then he can provide the information to the aggrieved person directly. 

Registration Number DMOMR/R/2024/60044

Name Yogi M P Singh

Date of Filing 09/05/2024

Status RTI REQUEST RECEIVED as on 09/05/2024

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Name Satya Prakash Singh


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