Indradev requested DPRO Prayagraj to take action against opponent for his moral turpitude

 Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2024/0030193

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Indradev Yadav

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description

DPRO Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh may take the cognizance of the following complaint and attached representation of the aggrieved applicant because the opponent is the sanitation worker in the district Prayagraj.

Complaint against moral turpitude and the misconduct of the opponent Umesh Kumar Yadav son of Late Lal Bahadur Yadav resident of village Chilh, police station Chilh, district Mirzapur. Mob. Number =7985254986 who is a sanitation worker in the district Prayagraj.

The matter concerns the working of the district Panchayat Raj officer district Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh.Umesh Kumar Yadav son of Late Lal Bahadur Yadav is a sanitation worker in the district Prayagraj.

Umesh Kumar Yadav son of Late Lal Bahadur Yadav resident of village Chilh, police station Chilh, district Mirzapur.Mob. Number =7985254986


It is humbly submitted that the applicant is a respectable person from a respectable family. The applicant got married to Priyanka in the year 2021. The opponent is the cousin of the applicant and is a sanitation worker. The said opponent talks to the wife of the applicant for hours on the phone at night. When the applicant forbids his wife from talking to the opponent, the said opponent abuses the applicant and also threatens to kill him.

On 31.03.2024 at about 3:00 pm, the said opponent came to my house with his younger brother and after entering the house, started abusing us, the applicant, by calling us, motherfucker, sisterfucker. When we, the applicant, restrained abuse, the said opponent started kicking and beating us, by punching us. On hearing the scream of the applicant, the father of the applicant came and intervened, the said opponent threatened that you have been saved this time, when I come next time, even your life will not be spared.

The opponent is a sweeper and has controlled my wife by luring her with money. The opponent and the wife of the applicant have an illegal relationship. My wife always talks to the opponent on the phone and says that he is with my wife and provokes her to quarrel in the family.

I will stay with my brother in law Umesh Kumar Yadav, Mobile No.- 7985254986. On 31.03.2024, the said opponent took my wife to his house on his motorcycle and even today my wife is staying with the opponent and roaming around with him on his motorcycle.

The said opponent has kept my wife with him by luring her and is threatening that he will ruin your life by implicating you and your family in a fake dowry case. In such a situation, Sir, it is necessary to take action against the said opponent as such misconduct cannot be accepted from a public staff.

Therefore, it is requested to the gentleman to please register a complaint case against the said opponent and take necessary action after appropriate enquiry. The applicant will always be grateful to you.

Applicant (Indradev Yadav) son Khattan Prasad Yadav resident of village and post Chilh police station Chilh, Mirzapur. Mobile number- 9118208936

Again the applicant requests you most respected sir for proper action against the opponent in accordance with the law.

Grievance Document

Current Status

Grievance received   

Date of Action


Officer Concerns To

Forwarded to

Uttar Pradesh

Officer Name

Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

Organisation name

Uttar Pradesh

Contact Address

Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

Email Address

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