C.R.C.S. of Modi government disbursed only Rs.302.96 Cr. up to 30.04.2024 to depositors of Sahara


The current status of disbursement to the depositors as on 30.04.2024 is as under: - i. Amount Released: - 302.96 Cr. ii. Total number of depositors: - 3,24,581 Think about the gravity of situation in one year, concerned staff has disbursed Rs.302.96 crore among 3,24,581 depositors of the Sahara Universal Multipurpose Society Bhopal and others. They have to distribute rupees 5000 crore among depositors of the Sahara Company according to the order passed by the apex court of India in 9 months. They are seeking time up to December 2024 for the repayment of the dues of the depositors of Sahara company. Prima facie there is no signal of the repayment of the depositors quite obvious from the cryptic and mysterious working style of the central registrar cooperative society. Whether it is not corruption that depositors are not getting their paid amount to Sahara Company which was their hard-earned money from their life savings. This is direct loot of government through private players.

Here the motive of the government is important and this motive is reflected in the working of the employees of the government.
There are huge numbers of depositors of the Sahara Company and Sebi has secured twenty five thousand crore rupees of the Sahara Company in order to safeguard the rights of the depositors.
The amount disbursed among the depositors of the Sahara Company in one year is only rupees 263.63 crore while central registrar cooperative society had to ensure the repayment of 5000 crore as directed by Apex Court of India.
Reply of PIO- Till January 2024, an amount of Rs.263.63 Crore has been released to 2,83,863 depositors of Sahara Group of Cooperative Societies through CRCS-Sahara Refund Portal.
Remarks made by the subordinate of the central register cooperative society in the aforementioned grievance of the applicant as follows.
Since 9 months time granted vide Honourable Supreme Court Order dated 29.03.2023 has expired on 28.12.2023, an application has been filed before Honourable Supreme Court seeking extension of time up to 30.06.2024 for implementation of order dated 29.03.2023.
Whether it is not a contempt of court committed by the central registrar cooperative society as the compliance of the order of the apex court of India was not carried out.

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