Assistant Labour Commissioner provided misleading information to conceal corrupt practices so appeal made against him


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Registration Number :CMLBR/A/2024/60012

Name :Yogi M P Singh

Date of Filing :29-02-2024

Request filed with :Commissioner Labour

 Contact Details  

Telephone Number :9956201441


Online RTI Appeal Form Details

Public Authority Details :- 

* Public Authority Commissioner Labour  

Personal Details:-

* Name Yogi M P Singh

Gender Male

* Address Mohalla Surekapuram , Jabalpur Road, Sangmohal post office

Districts Mirzapur

Pincode 231001

State Uttar Pradesh

Educational Status Literate

Phone Number Details not provided

Mobile Number +91-7379105911

Email-ID yogimpsingh[at]gmail[dot]com

Citizenship Indian

* Is the Applicant Below Poverty Line ? No

First Appeal Details u/s 19(1) :-

Registration Number CMLBR/A/2024/60012

Date of Filing 29/02/2024

Concerned Appellate Authority Nodal Officer

Phone No Details not provided

Email Id Details not provided

* Ground For Appeal Provided Incomplete,Misleading or False Information

((Description of Information sought (upto 500 characters) )

* Prayer or Relief Sought Sought information by the appellant, information provided by the public information officer and the submissions of the appellant are as follows.

Sought information-1- Public information officer must provide the provision which allows a contractor to institute a plant under the Payment of wages act 1936 because such practice is undergoing in the Mirzapur Office of the Labour Commissioner.

Reply of PIO- Yaku Ali Ansari has filed the suit as a mason.

Submission of the appellant- Assistant Labour Commissioner justified his stand only instead of providing the provision which has been sought by the information seeker.

Sought information-  2-The following is the observation made by the District judge District court Mirzapur. This observation was made by the District and session judge Mirzapur while delivering the judgement in the same matter in which the applicant is a victim.

प्रार्थीगण/ अभियुक्तगण के विद्वान अधिवक्ता का यह तर्क है कि प्रार्थी याकूब अंसारी एक रजिस्टर्ड ठेकेदार है और जो भी काम किया गया वादी मुकदमा द्वारा नियुक्त सिविल इंजीनियर के कहने व मार्गदर्शन में किया है। Vide attached order of district Judge to RTI application.

Reply of PIO- A suit has been filed by the plaintiff under the payment of wages act 1936 which is being heard.

Submission of the appellant- Assistant Labour Commissioner provided misleading information and made failed efforts to deviate the attention from the core issue.

Sought information-  3-Case number-P.W./01/2022 registered in the court of assistant labour commissioner District Mirzapur and aggrieved applicant Sudarshan Maurya S/O Brijlal Maurya submitted the order of the district judge Mirzapur in this case but assistant labour commissioner overlooked the order in which Yakub Ansari itself accepted he is a registered contractor.

Please provide the mechanism/provisions of law available in the department against the arbitrariness of the presiding officer of quasi-judicial court.

Submission of the appellant- Asst Labour Commissioner Mirzarpur did not provide any provision mechanism available in the department against the arbitrariness of working of the presiding officer. Tyranny And arbitrariness can never be justified in the process of open court hearing.

Sought information-  4- Provide the documents available in the office of assistant labour commissioner which prove Yakub Ansari is a labourer.

Please provide the provision of the law under which the department issued a labour card/identity for a registered contractor to institute a case against Sudarshan Maurya S/O Brijlal Maurya. 

Reply of PIO-You can get a copy of the documents available in the file through copying. It is mandatory for the registered contractor to obtain a licence by paying online fees under the contract labour act.

Submission of the appellant- It is quite obvious that the Assistant Labour Commissioner only misled the appellant instead of providing the information sought by the appellant. Enrollment of the labourers is done in the office of assistant labour commissioner but it was not provided by him.

Supporting document ((only pdf upto 1 MB)) Supporting document not provided

RTI Application Details u/s 6(1) :-

Registration Number CMLBR/R/2024/60015

Date of Filing 24/01/2024

PIO of Public Authority approached ALC Pipri sonbhadra


Phone No 9760880281


PIO Order/Decision Number Details not provided

* PIO Order/Decision Date

Registration Number CMLBR/A/2024/60012

Name Yogi M P Singh

Date of Filing 29/02/2024

Status RTI APPEAL RECEIVED as on 29/02/2024

  Nodal Officer Details  

Name Gaurav Kumar

Telephone Number 9956201441



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