Think about deep-rooted corruption in income tax of India that matter of corruption is not taken into account by staff of I.T.


Grievance Acknowledgement Number15903278


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Grievance Description-It is quite obvious that fraudulent transactions done by fraudulent elements by colluding with the staff of Department of income tax of amount Rs.343877662 have been made. It is quite obvious that the Department of income tax has considered two applications of the applicant as a tax evasion petition, but still fraudulent elements are doing transactions by misusing the PAN of the applicant which is the Mockery of the law of land. Mobile number -7024188072 and email- given in annual information report do not belong to complainant. This mobile number and email is the cause of the entire trauma of the complainant. This person misused my PAN by colluding with the department of income tax. Whether the Department of income tax served notices on the above mobile number and email through information of the annual information statement has been uploaded on the website of the Department of income tax. Permanent Account Number (PAN)-GSWPS0850Q Info Icon Aadhaar Number-XXXX XXXX 9009 Name of Assessee-MAHESH PRATAP SINGH Date of Birth-22/06/1971 Mobile Number-7024188072 E-mail Address-YOGI M. P. SINGH MOH-SURE, SUREKAPURAM COLONY, JABALPUR ROAD, TAHSIL SADAR, MIRZAPUR,231001,UTTAR PRADESH Some significant information available with the Income Tax Department includes the following: Business receipts - Rs 4,65,76,920 GST purchases - Rs 12,20,99,234 GST turnover - Rs 16,32,92,127 Rent received - Rs 1,19,09,381 Total amount- Rs.343877662 In A.I,S. i.e. annual information statement Mobile number -7024188072 and email- but the Manish Mishra, CIT e-Verification and Mohammad Daud Ahmad, Income Tax Officer (I & CI) Tax Building, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh streamed notices on the emails and mobile number of the applicant. This implies that they have shared the information of the applicant and conspired with the applicant with ulterior motives to harass the applicant. Based on below comments of COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX-INVESTIGATION That This is not a grievance but a Tax Evasion Petition (TEP). The TEP alongwith its enclosures is being sent to the jurisdictional Director General of Income Tax (Inv), Lucknow for necessary action thereon. Hence the grievance is being closed on CPGRAM portal. In view of above the instant CPGRAM is closed. Archana Choudhary (Principal Director General of Income Tax Administration and TPS) made the following comment to close the appeal registered as CBODT/E/A/23/0005925 Name-Yogi M. P. Singh Appeal Date 28/12/2023 The issue raised in the grievance falls under the category of Tax Evasion Petition which doesn’t fall within the ambit of CPGRAM. The appellant may however file Tax Evasion Petition through a link on the e-filing website of the department the head “Submit information on Tax Evasion or Benami Property” 5 With these remarks, the appeal is closed with no further action.

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Created On13-Jan-2024

To see the attached document to the grievance, please click on the link

To see the attached document to the grievance, please click on the link


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