Sub divisional magistrate Phulpur Prayagraj is failed to take action on representations of Prasant Singh concerning inheritance


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The matter is closely connected with the working of the Sub Divisional Magistrate Phulpur, District-Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh quite obvious from the communication of Settlement Officer Phulpur.

If the government is really interested to dispose of the matter then it must forward the matter to the sub divisional magistrate Phulpur district prayagraj as suggested by the settlement officer Phulpur. The applicant expects from the office of the Chief minister government of Uttar Pradesh that it may direct sub divisional magistrate Phulpur as suggested by the settlement officer. Please take a glance at the first page of the attached file in the PDF form to the grievance.

Sir, Settlement Officer Chakbandi Phulpur, Mr. Pushkar Babu Ji says that Yogi MP Singh resident of Surekapuram submitted Grievance which reference number is 40017522175227 and date is December 19, 2022, its description is as follows. Officer-in-Charge Honourable Chief Minister Helpline Reference is to be informed that village Saraijit Rai alias Poore Bhava Tehsil Phulpur District Prayagraj is not under consolidation process at present. The reference of the applicant is related to inheritance. Which is possible to be resolved at the level of Sub-Collector/sab divisional magistrate Phulpur. Therefore, the complaint application is eligible to be sent to the service of Sub-Collector/ sub divisional magistrate Phulpur, whose reference is to be taken into cognizance by the Sub-Collector / sub divisional magistrate Phulpur. This is how the report is sent in your best regards. Our motive is good governance which can be achieved through transparency and accountability in the working of the public authority.

Sir, a few days ago the settlement officer Phulpur called on the mobile number of the applicant. And it was told by him that the work of consolidation in Govardhanpur was finished 5 months ago but online consolidation of Govardhanpur is not visible because the concerned stop has not yet been able to update the records of Tehsil. That's why it would be appropriate for you to contact the Divisional Magistrate Phool regarding inheritance. Sir, therefore, the Lekhpal of Govardhanpur should be directed to complete the work of inheritance in such a situation.

Sir, it may be that you have only one Lekhpal of entire Bhava and Govardhanpur, so it is the responsibility of the concerned Lekhpal that all the records which are in the name of Shiv Bahadur Singh so Vijay Bahadur Singh enter the name Prasant Singh so Shiv Bahadur Singh and Uma Singh wife of Late Shiv Bahadur Singh. आवेदनकर्ता का विवरण शिकायत संख्या -40017522172469 आवेदक का नाम-Yogi M P Singhविषय-An application on behalf of Prasant Singh Son of Shiv Bahadur Singh and Uma Singh wife of Shiv Bahadur Singh to make inquiry regarding the execution of the inheritance in regard to aforementioned beneficiaries. आवेदन संख्या 2022217500889009620 का सफलतापूर्वक राजस्व निरीक्षक द्वारा आदेश कर दिया गया -राजस्व परिषद, उ० प्र० the copy of this order is attached as the page one of the attached PDF document to this grievance.

Honorable sir with this grievance the applicant has attached the order passed by the revenue inspector under sub section 2 of section 33 of the revenue code 2006. Revenue inspector Mr Hanuman Prasad Mishra area Karnaipur on 27 November 2022. Which is quite obvious from the first page of the attached document. Following application has been submitted by the applicant on the jansunwai portal of the government of Uttar Pradesh which was forwarded online to the bandobast Adhikari of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Since the process of consolidation of the land is under practice in gram panchayat Govardhanpur for many years, it is not possible to submit an online application for the inheritance so this grievance may be considered as the representation of the aforementioned applicants.

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Mukul Dixit ,Under Secretary (Public)

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