In any matter of land grabbing, police arbitrarily misuses section 107/116 of Cr.P.C. which only promotes land grabbers which means injustice


Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2022/0334086

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Anil Kumar Maurya

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Prime Ministers Office

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श्रीमान जी प्रकरण का संबंध प्रार्थी के जमीन पर जबरदस्ती कब्जा करके घर बनवाने के संबंध में है। और प्रार्थी द्वारा कटरा कोतवाली पुलिस जनपद मिर्जापुर में शिकायत किया गया है। और वहां पर यह समझौता कराया गया कि बिना तहसील के अनुमति के कोई भी निर्माण न करें। किंतु विपक्षी उसको नहीं मान रहा है । श्रीमान जी प्रकरण को कितनी बार पुलिस के समक्ष उठाए? पुलिस क्यों नहीं उचित कार्यवाही करती है विपक्षियों के खिलाफ? जबकि विपक्षी पुलिस के सामने ही प्रार्थी के साथ अभद्र व्यवहार करते हैं। और पुलिस कुछ भी कार्यवाही करने में असमर्थ क्यों है? क्या इसी को सुशासन कहा जाता है? क्या यही न्याय व्यवस्था है? क्या यही कानून का शासन है? कृपया प्रकरण में उचित कार्यवाही करें जिसके लिए प्रार्थी सदस्य श्रीमान जी का आभारी रहेगा।

Sir,, the matter pertains to the construction of a house by forcefully occupying the land of the applicant.  And a complaint has been made by the applicant in Katra Kotwali Police District Mirzapur.  And there an agreement was made that no construction should be done without the permission of Tehsil.  But the opposition is not accepting it.  Sir, how many times did the applicant take up the matter with the police?  Why does the police not take proper action against the opposition?  While the opposition misbehaves with the applicant in front of the police.  And why is the police unable to take any action?  Is this called good governance?  Is this the judicial system?  Is this the rule of law?  Kindly take appropriate action in the matter, for which the applicant member will be grateful to honorable sir.  An application under article 51A of the constitution of India on behalf of my father Gulabdhar Maurya Son of late Amarnath Maurya resident of village and post Lohiya Talab district Mirzapur to make enquiry regarding the compliance of the endorsement order passed by the Honourable sub divisional magistrate Sadar Mirzapur 28 September 2021. This order was addressed to the station house officer Kotwali Katra district Mirzapur quite obvious from the first page of the attached documents.

It is quite obvious that one year and two months passed but no action was taken by the concerned to free the land of the applicant from the clutches of land mafia.

The applicant made the application under section 24 of the revenue code 2006 to decide the boundary of the land on the suggestion of the staff of the department of revenue tehsil Sadar and pai mise of the land was made by the concerned lekhpal but still no action taken by the department of revenue and police concerned to provide the possession of the land to the applicant so that fear of the land mafia may end.

On one side of screen Yogi Adityanath sir is claiming to provide good governance but on the other side of a screen land mafia are hurling abuses to the applicant before the staff of the department of revenue and the police personnel. Whether it is the signal of end of the terror of the Mafia in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Whether it indicates the control of the criminal activities in the Government of Uttar Pradesh.Sir, the first page of the attachment attached with this grievance is the complaint letter written by the father of the applicant Gulabdhar Maurya to the Deputy District Magistrate i.e. sub divisional magistrate Sadar Mirzapur in PDF format and the second and third pages attached with this attachment are the details of the land attached by the applicant. There is a document from which it is clear that the claim of the applicant is completely confirmed, and the land mafia does not have any documents related to the land, if there are documents, then both Tehsil Sadar and Mirzapur police should present them in their report because there is no document, so in the reports they will not submit any documents.

The most important fact is that the Lekhpal Rahul Jadaun, whose mobile number is 72370 18737, is himself a firm measurer and that firm measure has not yet been submitted by him to the Divisional Magistrate Sadar, due to which, according to him, there is delay

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अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित महोदय, जाँच आख्या संलग्न कर सादर अवलोकनार्थ प्रेषित है शिकायतकर्ता उपरोक्त की जांच आख्या संलग्न है श्रीमान् जी आख्या संलग्न है

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Rating Remarks

Sir, on Friday i.e., January 13, 2023, the applicant received a call from Pakka Pul police post on the mobile number of the applicant and the applicant was told that the application of the applicant has come, he should come and tell his grief. The applicant eagerly appears in the service, outpost/chowki in charge sir makes the applicant sit, comes after a long time, then says that your case will be solved tomorrow in Katra Kotwali, tomorrow Lekhpal will come to Katra Kotwali and there other Tehsil Employees will also be there, and your case will be disposed of at the same time. Sir, on Saturday i.e., 14 January 2023, the applicant reaches Kotwali Katra in the morning itself. There the applicant waits for the outpost/ chowki in-charge from 10:00 AM till 2:30 PM but the outpost/CHOWKI in charge does not appear so the applicant leaves for home from there. On the way, the outpost in charge of Natwa outpost/CHOWKI calls the applicant and gives an ultimatum to appear at the outpost/CHOWKI. The applicant immediately leaves for the Natwa Chowki. On reaching there, the outpost in-charge advises the applicant that why he had applied on the Jansunwai portal, he should have come and met us. It was told by the applicant that he has been running after you for the last 2 years, but no solution has been found. Requested by the applicant to go and get the encroachment removed, he assured that he himself will go where you are not required and will get all the encroachments removed but till now the encroachment has not been removed. Sir, now you tell whether it is appropriate for the applicant to apply on the Jansunwai portal or not, ask the superintendent of police whether it is appropriate to apply on the PM portal. No core stone has been left unturned by the applicant in the service of the police, all the formalities have been completed, yet the grabbing is not being removed.

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

Organisation name

Government of Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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