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Friday, June 10, 2022

Whether our leaders including P.M. and C.M. are liars regarding 24 hours supply of electricity proved by the report of Executive engineer


Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2022/32554
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Uttar Pradesh
Grievance Description
The matter concerns power station jangi road district Mirzapur comes under the ambit of electricity distribution division second district Mirzapur.
It is most surprising that both the Yogi and Modi sir are saying that they are providing electricity supply 24 hours daily but the factual position is that there are continuous breakdown in the supply of electricity since yesterday. Weather 24 hours supply of the electricity is only election rhetoric?

The supply of the electricity is disrupted since 1 o'clock in the night which is the root cause I awakened and writing this complaint against the concerned staff who are monitoring the supply of electricity.
Whether it is not the mockery of the promises made by our prime minister Mr Narendra Damodar Modi sir and our chief minister Yogi Adityanath sir who had made the promise during the campaign of election that they will provide 24 hours electricity to the people in the state.
Since yesterday there are frequent disruption in the supply of electricity causing disturbance in the daily routine of the people and continuous complaints are being made but concerned accountable public functionaries are not paying any heed to the grievances of the people in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
Current Status
Case closed
Date of Action
अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित सन्दर्भ संख्या 60000220076735 का आख्या पोर्तल पर अपलोद किया गया है.
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Rating Remarks
Everyone knows that if there will be overload in the supply then wires will be burnt and conductors will also bun. There must be equilibrium between supply and consumption of electricity and here increase in the consumption of electricity is because of the theft of electricity. On the one side of screen to control the theft of the electricity Uttar Pradesh Power corporation limited promotes the installation of the electric meters outside of the premises so that there maybe transparency and accountability in measuring the readings of the electric metre but on the other side of his screen certain staff at the department of electricity itself promoting the connection holders to keep their electric metres inside the premises so that corruption may be proliferated. Here this question arises that why the electric metres are installed inside the premises of the connection holders when there is obvious guideline of the Uttar Pradesh Power corporation limited to install the electric metres
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)
Organisation name
Government of Uttar Pradesh
Contact Address
Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
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