Speed post could not be delivered still even when it was posted on 29/04/2022 to branch manager Aryavart Bank reflects mismanagement

 Booked At Booked On Destination Pincode Tariff Article Type Delivery Location

Ganesh Ganj SO Mirzapur 29/04/2022 13:37:32 231303 41.30 Inland Speed Post Bijaipur SO Mirzapur

Event Details For : EU620506441INCurrent Status : Dispatched to BO

Date Time Office Event

30/04/2022 12:44:54 Bijaipur SO Mirzapur Dispatched to BO

30/04/2022 12:19:38 Bijaipur SO Mirzapur Item Received

30/04/2022 04:09:02 Mirzapur ICH Item Dispatched

30/04/2022 03:15:46 Mirzapur ICH Item Bagged

29/04/2022 23:30:55 Mirzapur ICH Item Received

29/04/2022 15:45:50 Ganesh Ganj SO Mirzapur Item Dispatched

29/04/2022 15:36:22 Ganesh Ganj SO Mirzapur Item Bagged

29/04/2022 13:37:32 Ganesh Ganj SO Mirzapur Item Booked


                                                                         Branch Manager 

                                          Aryavart Bank, Raipuri, Tehsil Sadar

                  Kamharia, District -Mirzapur, PIN Code-231303 

Subject-To transfer Bank Account number-611800100006753 from Branch Raipuri District-Mirzapur to Branch-Mandi Samiti District-Mirzapur.

Honourable Sir/Madam

                                        Your applicant invites the kind attention of the Honourable Sir to the following submissions as follows. 

1-Applicant was living at Village -Nibi Gaharwar, Post-Nibi Gaharwar, District-Mirzapur, PIN Code-231303 quite obvious from the bank passbook and Aadhar card. .

Account holder- Vidya Devi, Name of Bank-Aryavart Bank earlier it was Allahabad U.P. Grameen Bank Account number-611800100006753 For more details, vide attached document to this representation. 

2-Now applicant is living at Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road, District-Mirzapur, PIN Code-231001 quite obvious from the attached ration card to the application. 

3-It is not feasible to visit 34 kilometer distance at the age 74 years therefore please manage to transfer my account to your branch. 

Date-29/04/2022                                          With regard

                                           Vidya Devi W/O Late Rajendra  Pratap Singh 

                                                                                           Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road, District-Mirzapur, PIN Code-231001

Beerbhadra Singh

To write blogs and applications for the deprived sections who can not raise their voices to stop their human rights violations by corrupt bureaucrats and executives.


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  1. Whether it is not mismanagement in the working of department of post that it failed to deliver the speed registered post of 74 years old Vidya Devi to branch manager Aryavart Bank, Raipuri, Tehsil Sadar
    Kamharia, District -Mirzapur, PIN Code-231303

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