It seems that no systematic dealings in the department of post in Mirzapur zone otherwise there may be no such mismanagement


Grievance Status for registration number : DPOST/E/2021/23179
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Preeti Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Grievance Description
Posts >> Financial Scheme Related >> Savings Bank (SB/RD/TD/MIS/SCSS/Others) >> Issue of Dublicate Passbook

CIF No. : 2485625131
Post Office where A/C or Transaction occurred : 788701
Grievance Status for registration number : DPOST/E/2021/20898
Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant Preeti Singh
Date of Receipt 20/07/2021
Received By Ministry/Department Posts
Entire requisite formalities have been completed by the applicant to get duplicate passbook on 05/08/2021 and received by the concerned mandate on 06/08/2021 quite obvious from the following speed post tracking ipso facto. Honourable Sir may be pleased to take the perusal of the first page of the attached PDF documents.
Booking Office- Mirzapur HO, Booking Date- 05/08/2021 15:06:21, Article Type- Inland, Office- Mirzapur HO, Delivery Date- 06/08/2021 16:52:10, Tariff-17.70
Please direct the concerned subordinate to take action on the application of the applicant in a cordial manner in accordance with the law.
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Sir/Madam, kindly find the attachment.
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According to your communication dated 03/09/2021, attached as page 3 of the attached PDF document to the representation, the account of the applicant has been closed by the concerned sub post office Mirzapur city on 02/02/2007. Consequently Duplicate passbook can not be issued. Here this question arises: who provided the wrong facts? Who cheated? Who made the effort of cheating? Whether the applicant claimed for that money? Whether it is not obligatory duty of a vigilant citizenry to make enquiry if something wrong is used to achieve ulterior design under Article 51 of the constitution of India. Undoubtedly you harassed a lady and the need of hour is to take action against wrongdoers but I have no time. But the money paid for duplicate passbook must be refunded at the earliest through your office staff/Postman. You not only harassed mentally but physically and economically as well. Since the government is flooded with corrupt sheep, they will spare their brothers.
Officer Concerns To
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Sri Ramesh Chandra Ram
Officer Designation
Supdt. of Post Offices
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Supdt. of Post Offices Fateh, Mirzapur
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