Income Tax must take action against Manish Mishra and Mohammad Daud Ahmad


Grievance Status for registration number : CBODT/E/2024/0021681

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Name Of Complainant

Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax)

Grievance Description

Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax) >> Corruption/Malpractices related (VCs, employees) >> Inaction by Income Tax Department

Name and Designation of Officer : Manish Mishra and Mohammad Daud Ahmad

regional office / Office : DGIT(Systems) CPC, E-filing

Transactions of Rs.343877662 by misusing PAN of the applicant is the failure of the Department of income tax ministry of Finance especially banking sector and police of government of Uttar Pradesh.

It is quite obvious that last year fraudulent transactions of Rs.161206667 concerning my PAN linked with my Aadhar in annual information statement are showing failure and corruption of banking institutions and the department of income tax, and this year it has reached to Rs.343877662 this is mockery of the law of land. Whether such anarchy reflects the good governance in state of Uttar Pradesh and in this largest democracy in the world? Think about the gravity of situation illegal transactions by misusing permanent account number of the applicant has been doubled and police are saying that it is investigating the matter and Department of income tax has taken 3rd tax evasion petition. Some significant information available with the Income Tax Department includes the following: Business receipts - Rs 4,65,76,920 GST purchases - Rs 12,20,99,234, GST turnover - Rs 16,32,92,127, Rent received - Rs 11909381, Total amount- Rs.343877662 Whether it is not reflecting the forest rule in this largest democracy in the world quite obvious from the lackadaisical approach of the concerned accountable public staff in dealing with the matter?

In A.I,S. i.e. annual information statement Mobile number -7024188072 and email- but the Manish Mishra, CIT e-Verification and Mohammad Daud Ahmad, Income Tax Officer (I & CI) Tax Building, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh streamed notices on the emails and mobile number of the applicant.

Whether it is not reflecting tacit understanding between the tax evaders and the personnel of Department of income tax because they are not taking action against the tax evaders and there is substantial evidence of financial transactions and PAN records concerning transactions. Several accounts are still active Caused steep hike in the

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Sh. Zakir T. Thomas (DGIT Systems Bengaluru)

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Prestige Alpha, Hosur Road

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Several accounts are still active Caused steep hike in the illegal transactions by misusing PAN of the applicant.

3 TEP in I.T. and 1 FIR in police, failed to restrain fraudulent elements from doing more transaction of Rs.18,00,00,000 by misusing PAN.

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