Bank of Baroda is streaming anonymous banking transactions on the mobile number-8810868434 of Tantrik K. P. Singh

Grievance Status for registration number : DEABD/E/2024/0013255

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Mahesh Pratap Singh alias Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Financial Services (Banking Division)

Grievance Description

Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Fraud

Department/Bank/Financial Institute : Bank of Baroda

​An application on behalf of Keshav Pratap Singh under article 51 ​A of the constitution of India to make inquiry regarding the streaming of anonymous messages​ of financial transactions by Bank of Baroda​.

The matter concerns the streaming of messages concerning unknown transactions on the mobile number-8810868434 of Keshav Pratap Singh S/O Late Rajendra Pratap Singh Mohalla-Surekapuram colony, Jabalpur Road, Mirzapur City, District- Mirzapur by Bank of Baroda.

Most of the nationalised banks in this largest democracy in the world indulge in such type of fraudulent activities by opening bogus accounts used for fraudulent activities to cheat innocent and gullible people.

Feb 19, 05:33

Rs.50 Credited to A/c ...2016 thru NEFT UTR AXNPN40509958260 by PHONEPE PRIVATE. Total Bal:Rs. 610.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 610.3(19-02-2024 05:31:18) - Bank of Baroda

Rs.1 Credited to A/c ...2016 thru NEFT UTR AXNPN40489201013 by PHONEPE PRIVATE. Total Bal:Rs. 510.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 510.3(17-02-2024 13:35:55) - Bank of Baroda

Feb 20, 09:45

Rs.305 Credited to A/c ...2016 thru NEFT UTR AXNPN40517597915 by PHONEPE PRIVATE. Total Bal:Rs. 915.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 915.3(20-02-2024 09:36:08) - Bank of Baroda

Feb 21, 05:39

Rs.70 Credited to A/c ...2016 thru NEFT UTR AXNPN40525008404 by PHONEPE PRIVATE. Total Bal:Rs. 985.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 985.3(21-02-2024 05:36:57) - Bank of Baroda

Nov 5, 2023, 13:22

Rs.100 transferred from A/c ...2016 to:TRTR/33091343191. Total Bal:Rs. 504.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 504.3(05-11-2023 13:13:09) - Bank of Baroda

Feb 22, 05:25

Rs.270 Credited to A/c ...2016 thru NEFT UTR AXNPN40533966392 by PHONEPE PRIVATE. Total Bal:Rs. 1255.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 1255.3(22-02-2024 05:23:51) - Bank of Baroda

Today 05:50

Rs.200 Credited to A/c ...2016 thru NEFT UTR AXNPN40563765184 by PHONEPE PRIVATE. Total Bal:Rs. 1495.3CR. Avlbl Amt:Rs. 1495.3(25-02-2024 05:47:59) - Bank of Baroda

Who has given permission to bank of Baroda to stream messages on the mobile number-8810868434 arbitrar

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Financial Services (Banking Division)

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Financial Services (Banking Division)

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2 ND Floor, Jeevan Deep Building, Sansad Marg New Delhi

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  1. On the public platform, our prime minister Narendra damodardas Modi claims to eliminate corruption from the government machinery but the factual position is that there is manifold increase in the corruption in the government machinery. These fraudulent transactions which messages are streaming on the mobile number of Keshav Pratap Singh is a serious corruption.

  2. During the regime of Narendra Modi as a prime minister of this country the fraudulent activities concerning cyber fraud reached on its Zenith. The most surprising thing is that as far as my knowledge is concerned the police in the state of Uttar Pradesh did not work out any case concerning cyber fraud showing failure of the government to curb the cyber fraud.

  3. How can bank of Baroda may stream arbitrary messages concerning the transactions in anonymous account opened in the Bank of Baroda on the mobile number off tantrik KP Singh.? Weather it is good governance being provided by our great prime minister Narendra damodardas Modi and great chief minister of the Government of Uttar Pradesh mister Yogi Adityanath.

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