State Bank of India is not initiating process of refund on request of Anjaney Shukla as 2 payments made to B.P.S.C. for 1 application


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Yogi M. P. Singh

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The reply of the State Bank of India in the matter is given in the grievance which perusal must be taken by the concerned staff of the ICICI bank which is their obligatory duties. The applicant think that both the banks must support the stand after aggravated applicant Anjaney Shukla Who is the sole sufferer in the matter. where is the court governance if the consumers are being looted by the banks in the broad daylight which must be curbed by the government of India but because of insensitivity of the public staff in the matter such practises are not being curbed from the society.

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Appeal Closed (On 15/11/2023)

Closing Remarks

bank has already replied to this complaint. We have no further clarifications on the issue and would like to reiterate that our stand continues to be the same as our previous correspondence in the said matter.

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Sub Appellate Authority RBI (General Manager)

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Reserve Bank of India

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Mohalla Surekapuram Colony Shri Laxmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir Shri Laxmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir


Uttar Pradesh



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Not Provided

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Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Deficiency in Customer Service Related >> Delay in Service

Bank : Other / Private Sector Bank.

Branch / Name of Bank and Branch : ICICI Bank ,,

The reply of the ICICI bank is as follows- Dear Sir/Madam, As per the Details shared it is found that the transaction stands marked as paid in our systems and the same has been remitted to the beneficiary bank from our end. please find the attached acknowledgment copy for your reference. Kindly request you to contact Issuing bank branch for raising Refund or Reversal Request. Transaction Status-Biller Name-BIHAR PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION, Bill Amount-757.10, Transaction ID-230709154761357, Transaction Date- 09 Jul 2023 at time-03:01 The reply of the State Bank of India is as follows- The said transaction is successful and below are the details for your reference. PayU ID-17701966090, Date-09/07/2023 15:01:15, Merchant URL, Transaction ID- 23070915476135709072023150114, Amount-757.10, Payment Type-NB, Status-Successful, Customer IP Address-, Bank Reference No IGAPVUOCH8 Further any concern regarding Service delivery/Refund/Cancellation/Change, please ask the customer to contact merchant. Below contact details. Merchant Details- Merchant Name, Here it is quite obvious that payment was made by the State Bank of India and the ICICI bank provided the facility which means a platform by the transfer of the payment from the State Bank of India which means from the account of the applicant to the account of the Bihar public service commission. Both are saying that transaction at their ends are successful but it is quite obvious that transaction was not successful which was the root cause, final submission of the application could not succeed because of which the applicant had to do the next payment. Here both the banks are throwing the balls in the courts of each other when the process of the refund is to be initiated by them so that refund of the paid amount may be reversed to the account of the applicant.

Grievance Document

Final Reply

We refer to the complaint bearing CPGRAMS DEABD/E/2023/0063333 lodged by Yogi M. P. Singh. Please find enclosed the copy of reply sent to the customer for your ready reference and shall be glad to provide any further clarifications required in the said matter.

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1 09/09/2023 RECEIVED THE GRIEVANCE You Department of Financial Services (Banking Division)

2 09/09/2023 REMINDER RECEIVED FROM COMPLAINANT You Department of Financial Services (Banking Division)



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