Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Club High Sky and financial institution Yes Bank are cheating customers as cheated INR 1,26,000 from CA Ravi Pratap Singh ipso facto

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Grievance Details

Grievance Number: 4270196

Grievance Reg Date: 2023-02-14 17:10:31

Complainant Name : Yogi M. P. Singh Mahesh Pratap Singh Complainant Contact No : 7379105911

Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint

State : MAHARASHTRA Purchase City : Thane

Sector : Travel & Tourism Category : Holiday Package

Grievance Company : Company Name : Club High Sky (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED Corporate Office at Saeed Complex, Thakur Ganj, Lucknow 226003

Company Details Mr. Udit Khanna and Mr. Prince Sharma, support@theclubhighsky.com, Address D-304 , Unique Greens, Kasarzyadav LI ,GB Road, Thane west Pincode (Company):

Product Value(INR) : 100000-1000000 Nature of Complaints : Promised service not provided

Grievance Details : To take action against Club High Sky and financial institution Yes Bank for cheating the aggrieved applicant CA Ravi Pratap Singh Mobile - 9769800294 and direct the concerned to refund the paid money by pursuing RBI Guidelines. An application under Article 51 A of the constitution of India on behalf of CA Ravi Pratap Singh Mobile - 9769800294 to make enquiry in regard to representation dated Sun, 22 May, 2022, 6:58 pm, bearing subject-Cancellation and refund of amount paid for Club High Sky membership sent to To email support@theclubhighsky.com . Now the opposite party is proven defaulters and cheaters and despite my caution with request that they may not be made the payment as made by me through my credit card by keeping me in dark but payment made to the opposite party Club High Sky by the bank by overlooking my request to hold the payment and by colluding with cheaters may be recovered from the bank and the opposite party and appropriate action may be taken by the appropriate agency under the law of the country? Requisite files are attached as sent above as well as cc.cdf@yesbank.in, cc.cdf@yesbank.in, Ravi Gmail raviuday2002@gmail.com To,Credit Card Division, Yes Bank Ltd.Yes Bank Tower, Chennai-58 Dear Club High Sky Team, We were paid INR 1,26,000/- to you by Credit Card/ Debit Card on 02/05/2022 on the pretext of Club High Sky membership for 10 year. This payment was done at Hotel Kanishka, Manali while we were on vacation. Actually this whole discussion/ conversation for membership was not done fairly, first one person had brought the hotel in a different context and then step by step we were forced to one Hall where all this conversation and payments were held. During discussion, your sales representatives Mr. Udit Khanna and Mr. Prince Sharma told us that you can use the benefits of this membership immediately after payment and complete membership Kit and Card will be dispatched to your correspondence address within 2-3 days. Also all details of your membership will be sent on your email ID on the next working day. After making payment, your marketing representatives have provided a copy of approval form and one agreement but in agreement without any unique number. Now more than 20 days have passed, still we have not received any communication either on email nor on correspondence address. Your marketing person is most of the time not picking our calls and also not responding to WhatsApp messages timely. Due to all this deliberate negativity, we were not able to use membership benefits even after making full payment. Considering all this and your service level at this beginning point, we can not go for a 10 year relationship. Please cancel our membership request and refund the full amount paid to you immediately as entirely assured fraudulent services which actually do not exist. For your ready reference, I am attaching the copy of the approval form and agreement provided to us at the time of payment. Regards, CA Ravi Pratap Singh Mobile - 9769800294

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