After appeal, no information made available to Kiran Singh by PIO Commissionerate under R.T.I. Act 2005 Lucknow because of corruption


Registration Number PCLKO/A/2022/60139

Name Kiran Singh

Date of Filing 29/09/2022

Status APPEAL DISPOSED OF as on 19/10/2022

Reply- file attached.

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  Nodal Officer Details  


Telephone Number 9454401089


Online RTI Appeal Form Details

Public Authority Details :-




Personal Details:-

* Name Kiran Singh

Gender Male

* Address Husband Narendra Pratap Singh , House number 569/146 B, Barabirwa, Krishna Nagar police station

Pincode 226001

State Uttar Pradesh

Educational Status Literate

Phone Number Details not provided

Mobile Number +91-9389752386

Email-ID myogimpsingh[at]gmail[dot]com

Citizenship Indian

* Is the Applicant Below Poverty Line ? No

First Appeal Details u/s 19(1) :-

Registration Number PCLKO/A/2022/60139

Date of Filing 29/09/2022

Concerned Appellate Authority RAIES AKHTAR

Phone No 9454400517

Email Id

* Ground For Appeal Refused access to Information Requested

((Description of Information sought (upto 500 characters) )

* Prayer or Relief Sought Registration Number-PCLKO/R/2022/60209 Date of Filing 04/07/2022 PIO of Public Authority approached SHRAVAN KUMAR SINGH Designation ADDITIONAL DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Sir you have disposed of aforementioned Registration Number-PCLKO/R/2022/60209 by disposing the appeal Registration Number-PCLKO/A/2022/60135 Name-Ashutosh Singh Date of Filing 19/09/2022 Following is the status of Registration Number-PCLKO/R/2022/60209. Status REQUEST FORWARDED TO PIO as on 11/07/2022 Details of PIO :- Telephone Number:- 9454401089, Email Id:- Note :- You are advised to contact the above mentioned officer for further details. Which means you did not take the perusal appeal and submitted an absurd reply without looking into the facts because of your incompetency. Undoubtedly my appeal is exhausted because of your cryptic and mysterious dealings. 

Now the appellant focuses on Registration Number-PCLKO/R/2022/60213 Name-Kiran Singh, Date of Filing-07/07/2022 Status REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 22/09/2022 

It seems that PIO, SHRAVAN KUMAR SINGH could not understand the contents of R.T.I. request because instead of information a corrupt note made available by him not concerned to sought information by the appellant. 

Public Information Officer in the office of police commissioner Lucknow may provide the following information point wise as sought by the information seeker. 

1-Please provide the posting details of 

1-कमला दयाल जो लोकल इंटेलिजेंस यूनिट 2-मनोज सोलंकी, सब इंस्पेक्टर पुलिस चौकी ऐशबाग लखनऊ including date of joining in Lucknow police. 

2-PIO may provide details of action taken by the Lucknow police to weaken the nexus between police and Land Mafia and also provide copies of circulars /memorandums/ G.O. for such a specific purpose. 3-PIO may provide the last date when 

1-कमला दयाल जो लोकल इंटेलिजेंस यूनिट 2-मनोज सोलंकी, सब इंस्पेक्टर पुलिस चौकी ऐशबाग लखनऊ submitted self-assessed property details belonging to them and their closed relatives. 

Mr First Appellate Authority, can you tell the appellant which point information out of the aforementioned 3 was made available by PIO, SHRAVAN KUMAR SINGH? 

There is no rule of law in the police commissionerate Lucknow therefore PIO is escaping from furnishing access to information to the appellant as sought. 

Why land grabbers are trying to justify their stand instead of facing the consequences of their illegal work. Honesty is the best policy bestowed to us by God unfortunately the police commissionerate is far away from it.

Supporting document ((only pdf up to 1 MB))

RTI Application Details u/s 6(1) :-

Registration Number PCLKO/R/2022/60213

Date of Filing 07/07/2022

PIO of Public Authority approached SHRAVAN KUMAR SINGH


Phone No 9454401089

Email Id

PIO Order/Decision Number Details not provided

* PIO Order/Decision Date

Beerbhadra Singh

To write blogs and applications for the deprived sections who can not raise their voices to stop their human rights violations by corrupt bureaucrats and executives.

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