When Staff of State Bank of India fed my PAN number in two anonymous accounts, and I faced streams of notices sent by dept. of income tax


I never went to Pledry, Jind - Haryana but two accounts opened in my name by feeding my PAN Card in S.B.I. implies rampant corruption

Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2022/0224835
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M P Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Prime Ministers Office
Grievance Description
The matter concerns the fraud committed in the State Bank of India by the Staff of the Bank who registered the PAN number of the applicant/Mahesh Pratap Singh in two anonymous accounts as told by the branch manager, city Branch, District-Mirzapur.
Anonymous bank accounts opened in the name of applicant/ Mahesh Pratap Singh fraudulently in the following branch bearing details as.
State Bank Of India Gangoli branch code is 50534 and IFSC Code is SBIN0050534
Savings bank account number-40191917870 and KCC account number-40191978538 and email of the branch- sbi.50534@sbi.co.in as provided by the branch manager, city branch of State Bank of India, District - Mirzapur.
To update my PAN Card in my bank account-34645721675 is pending more than one week because my PAN Card is already registered with the aforementioned anonymous accounts opened fraudulently in the Gangoli branch of the State Bank of India.
I visited to city branch of State Bank of India, district-Mirzapur with my PAN Card and Aadhar card for physical verification so that my PAN Card may be updated into my account and she made attempt before me but she again remained fail because my PAN Card is already registered to Savings bank account number-40191917870 and KCC account number-40191978538 opened in State Bank Of India Gangoli branch code is 50534 and IFSC Code is SBIN0050534. For the more details, vide attached document to the grievance.
I think that there is rampant corruption in the ministry of finance which is the root cause of such fraudulent activities taking place in the banking sector and department of income tax.

Your PAN GSWPS0850Q has been successfully registered with Reference No. PR0000005622630. Do not share with anyone. Download YONO
Whether the aforementioned online application to update PAN Card in the bank account of the applicant is worthless.
Please initiate a transparent and accountable enquiry in the matter so that corrupt staff may be exposed and may be punished in accordance with the law.
Whether Modi Government is not competent to curb corruption in the working of department of income tax and State Bank of India?
For sending income tax notice of 1 Crore 19 Lakhs, Modi government hatched conspiracy to feed PAN Card in an anonymous bank A/C.
Modi Sir, SBI and income tax crossed boundary of corruption as PAN cards and Mobiles are arbitrarily fed into others account created insecurity.
Everyone knows that PAN Number is updated to its own bank account and applicant made efforts to connect my PAN Card to my Bank account but never succeeded but an anonymous person succeeded to register my PAN Number in his own account and has opened an animal husbandry firm by taking the loan from the State Bank of India. Now he is doing huge transactions from his bank account and for those transactions and business, the department of Income Tax is issuing income tax notices to the applicant causing mental trauma to the applicant. Whether it is not mismanagement and reflects deep rooted corruption in the working of the department of Income TAX. Sir you and your subordinates know various tricks to pave the way of Tax evasion and by colluding with unethical businessmen your corrupt fellows apply such cunning tricks to cheat the innocent and gullible people.
सर आप और आपके अधीनस्थ टैक्स चोरी का रास्ता साफ करने के लिए तरह-तरह के हथकंडे अपनाते हैं और अनैतिक कारोबारियों की मिलीभगत से आपके भ्रष्ट लोग इस तरह से मासूम और भोले-भाले लोगों को ठगने के लिए चालाकी भरे हथकंडे अपनाते हैं
Grievance Document
Current Status
Case closed
Date of Action
Dear Sir, The same complaint bearing number DEABD/E/2022/62625 is already under process, duplicate to be closed. Regards,
Rating Remarks
Gmail Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh yogimpsingh@gmail.com RTI SBICH/R/E/22/00503 2 messages CMCS RBO-4 PANIPAT, HARYANA cmcmcsr4.zoroh@sbi.co.in 8 September 2022 at 13:08 To: yogimpsingh@gmail.com yogimpsingh@gmail.com Madam/Dear Sir, with reference to the above RTI received at our office regarding information on saving account 40191917870 and KCC 40191978538, No email id is registered with the accounts. You are requested to provide written request in the matter for identification purpose. Regards, Chief Manager (COMPLIANCE & OPERATIONS) RBO 4 PANIPAT
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
General Manager (General Manager)
Organisation name
State Bank of India
Contact Address
Corporate Centre, Customer Service Deptt. State Bank Bhawan, 16th Floor, Madam Cama Road, Mumbai
Email Address
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  1. भारतीय स्टेट बैंक के भ्रष्ट कर्मचारी योगी एमपी सिंह से इसलिए नाराज हैं कि उन्होंने अपने पैन कार्ड का मुद्दा जोके उनके भ्रष्ट कर्मचारियों ने किसी अन्य के बिजनेस खाते में लगा रखा था इनकम टैक्स चोरी के लिए क्या उठाया
    भारतीय स्टेट बैंक डेबिट कार्ड तो यीशु कर दिया खाते में किंतु उस पर ट्रांजैक्शन नहीं होने दे रहा है यह उनकी एक सोची समझी साजिश है किसी को सुविधा देने के नाम पर झूठा पैसा वसूला क्योंकि वहां पर बहुत ज्यादा भ्रष्टाचार है तो उन लोगों के साथ जिससे जिनसे उनका समझौता रहता होता रहता है उनके यूपीआई को चलाता है और ऐसा करने पर उन्हें कमीशन अच्छा खासा मिलता है यह सब कमीशन का खेल है इमानदारी तो रंच मात्र भी नहीं है

  2. यहां पर टैक्स चोरी के बहुत से ही रास्ते अपनाए जाते और वह रास्ते सुझाए जाते हैं खुद आयकर विभाग के अधिकारियों द्वारा क्योंकि जितने भी आयकर के अधिकारी हैं यदि उनकी संपत्ति को चेक किया जाए तो उन सभी के पास आय से अधिक संपत्ति मिलेगी लेकिन पता नहीं क्यों हमारी सरकारें इस भ्रष्टाचार के प्रति बड़ी ही उदासी रहती है हो सकता है कि यही भ्रष्ट अधिकारी और कर्मचारी उनके पिछले दरवाजे की आय के स्रोतों

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