How report of additional chief officer considered satisfactory by chief development officer if it is not consistent with contents of the grievance

Honourable madam for 25 years, the applicant is struggling for the betterment of society as an anticorruption crusader. I had submitted my first R.T.I. request before District Panchayat Raj officer Mr Balkrishn Shukla in 2006 when he expressed surprise as he was not familiar with the provisions of the act. Whatever I have sought is the information which custodian is you, Honourable Madam. This information can be sought under R.T.I. Act 2005, but I will not do so because someone requested me. As far as the matter concerns opening a pandora's box, I will certainly do it if someone may free the applicant from his request. Madam, please keep your subordinates in discipline as pride annihilates virtues. This is a request only, not subsequent action. The additional chief officer of district panchayat Mirzapur must know that I have not opened the pandora box still, but if everything will not be O.K. then God will only be a protector. Why the sought details were overlooked if there is no irregularity.

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शिकायत संख्या:-60000220157041

आवेदक का नाम-Yogi M. P. Singhविषय-The matter concerns the additional chief officer and engineer in district panchayat district Mirzapur. The name of the additional chief officer is Neetu Singh Sisodia, and the name of the engineer is Manoj Singh. Here matter concerns corruption in the posting and promotion so enquiry is a must in matter. Enquiry under Article 51 A of the constitution of India. Whether the concerned officer will provide the date of the first posting of the aforementioned officers in the district Mirzapur and also provide the post rank. You may also provide the current post rank of the aforementioned officers. Undoubtedly the aforementioned officers violated the transfer policy of the government of Uttar Pradesh, but they will justify it through the illegal promotions made by the government to continue them in the same district. It is quite obvious that both officers have occupied the plum posting in the district Mirzapur quite obvious of the corrupt activities in public office. They must be compassionate to the poor staff of the office, but they are behaving like Hitler which is unjustified in this democracy. We are not fascists, but we are democrats as ideal citizens of this country. I am not raising a question mark on your working style, but you have compelled me to do so.

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क्र.स. सन्दर्भ का प्रकार आदेश देने वाले अधिकारी अग्रसारित दिनांक आदेश आख्या देने वाले अधिकारी आख्या दिनांक आख्या स्थिति आपत्ति देखे संलगनक

1 अंतरित लोक शिकायत अनुभाग -3(, मुख्यमंत्री कार्यालय ) 13-09-2022 कृपया शीघ्र नियमानुसार कार्यवाही किये जाने की अपेक्षा की गई है। जिलाधिकारी-मिर्ज़ापुर, 17-09-2022 अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित निक्षेपित

2 अंतरित जिलाधिकारी ( ) 13-09-2022 नियमनुसार आवश्यक कार्यवाही करें मुख्य विकास अधिकारी-मिर्ज़ापुर,ग्राम्‍य विकास विभाग 17-09-2022 अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित निक्षेपित

3 अंतरित मुख्य विकास अधिकारी (ग्राम्‍य विकास विभाग ) 14-09-2022 आवश्यक कार्यवाही करने का कष्ट करें एवं आख्या प्रेषित करें अपर मुख्य अधिकारी-मिर्ज़ापुर,जिला पंचायत सेल 17-09-2022 PRAKARN NISTARAN KAR DIYA GAYA HAI AAKHYA UPLOAD HAI निस्तारित

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