Yogi Sir where is Rs.500 transferred to bank account of T.B. Patients for nutrious food advertised during elections in print and elecronic media


Grievance Status for registration number: GOVUP/E/2022/28794
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Yogi M. P. Singh
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Uttar Pradesh
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Here the matter concerns nutritional support given by the government to Tuberculosis patients. The Government is providing a huge budget Rs 900 crore for 26 lakh patients but this fund is not reaching to basic units. My daughter Bhoomika Singh has been getting treatment since 22 February 2022 which means more than two and half months passed but not a single penny was provided by the concerned department.
The Applicant raised hardships being faced by T.B. Patients in the district Mirzapur and the district Tuberculosis officer in Mirzapur invited the applicant to his office to tell the grievances, then the applicant rushed to D.T.O. office where the applicant raised the issue of not providing government support Rs.500 to the patient for nourished food.
I made an inquiry in the office, then concerned staff told me that your matter is from February month but we could not provide any monetary assistance to those who are getting treatment since January 2022 due to the crunch of funds. Why the accountable public functionaries are procrastinating in signing and releasing the funds even a common man knows in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
The Modi government set the target to eliminate Tuberculosis by year 2025 but it extended it to 2030 which means corruption is demolishing the chalked out strategy set up by the government. Eradication of Tuberculosis is feasible only when there may be transparency and accountability in the dealings of the public staff.
To control the infectious disease, D.M. Mirzapur calls upon a meeting of the subordinate officers and several of them remain absent and D.M. Mirzapur ordered deduction of salary of that day of the concerned departmental heads published in the print and electronic media on the next day but when the applicant made enquiry, then findings were surprising that D.M. Mirzapur only glorified its image through this baseless circulation of deliberate fake news.
The Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) has approved an incentive of Rs 500 a month for all tuberculosis patients for the duration of the treatment, irrespective of their income level.
The money is for nutrition support, as TB is known to be a disease of undernutrition. The incentive amount, though, is a fourth of what was envisaged in the National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination released earlier this year with the aim of eliminating the disease by 2030. That deadline has since been revised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The total annual expenditure sanctioned by the committee of the department of expenditure, which has to vet all scheme spending before the schemes get final approvals, is Rs 900 crore for 26 lakh patients. The original incentive bill had been Rs 4,000 crore, and the money was the primary reason why the TB plan was stuck for several months.

India has the highest burden of both tuberculosis (TB) and multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB based on estimates reported in Global TB Report 2016.1 Although the available data suggest that the TB epidemic may be on the decline, the absolute number of new cases is still the highest. India accounts for about 24% of the global prevalence, 23% of the global incident cases, and 21% of the global TB deaths.2 Taking into consideration the magnitude of the disease burden, the Government of India has announced its plan to eliminate TB by 2025 during the Union Budget 2017–2018.
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According to district tuberculosis officer Mirzapur budget for the national health mission is not available which is the root cause that they could not transfer the money to the bank account of the tuberculosis patients quite obvious from his report. Everyone knows that this problem persists since the month of January and it is month of May which means near about 5 months are to pass and still they are not providing the money for the nutritious food to the bank account the tuberculosis patients. Think about the gravity of situation that Modi government is claiming to eradicate the epidemic in a certain period of time but the factual position is terrific as they are not providing nutrition food to the poor which is the root cause of the tuberculosis. Think about the promises made on the print and electronic media by our political stalwart and senior bureaucrats regarding the eradication of the epidemic tuberculosis. Whether government really wants to eradicate Tuberculosis?
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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)
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Government of Uttar Pradesh
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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
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