Justice is not accessible to people as it is far away from reach of common people, Vandana Singh may face cumbersome proceedings


Grievance Status for registration number : GOVGJ/E/2022/01560

Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Grievance Description
More than five months passed since the date police recorded the statement of the victim but offenders are running scot-free. Such is the law order machinery in the state of Gujarat.
An application on behalf of Vandana Singh W/O Mr. Rajkumar Singh D/O Nandlal Singh under Article 51 A of the constitution of India to seek status of the case cum First Information Report and justice concerned with domestic violence living separate with her husband at the place of her parents home for ten years.
Commissioner of police, Ahmedabad
Address- Near Petrol Pump, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Subject-Regarding investigation as F.I.R. registered as FIR No. Part A 11191030210051/2021 by the Mahila Police Station, District-Ahmedabad city in the year 2021.under section-498 K, 323, 294 KH, Subsection 2 of section 506 and 114 of Indian Penal Code and Prohi. Act accordingly.
Many facilities are being provided by the government of Modi Sir to help victims of domestic violence but unfortunately not reaching them. Gujarat is the home state of our prime minister Sir and he was crowned as chief minister of state for a record three successive terms. It is most unfortunate that the police failed to provide justice to a lady of domestic violence quite obvious from procrastination.
Most respected Honourable Sir-Your kind attention is highly appreciated and invited to the following points concerning the mental trauma and agony of the applicant inflicted by the drunkard husband Rajkumar Singh of the applicant.
1-Rajkumar Singh and others accused are still running scot-free despite the statement of the applicant recorded on 18 Aug 2021 ipso facto from aforementioned F.I.R.
2-Three months passed but offenders having no fear of police moving on the streets of Ahmedabad city showing insolence to the law order management in the state.

3-Your applicant is facing not only economic problems but also derogatory remarks of the society causing extreme pain to the applicant.
4-The attached document to this representation contains 8 pages of which first page is the signed document addressed to Commissioner of police, Ahmedabad and rest of seven pages is the English version of the aforementioned first information report verified by the notary.
Dated-08 Nov 2021
Yours sincerely
Vandana Singh W/O Mr. Rajkumar Singh D/O Nandlal Singh
Name of the father- Nandlal Singh S/O Naval Kishor Singh, Village- Babura, Post- Babura, Police station- Vindhyachal, District- Mirzapur, State- Uttar Pradesh, PIN Code-231307, Mobile number- 7459814605
Grievance Document
Current Status Under process
Date of Action 08/11/2021
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name-SHRI Bharat Viashnav ,Deputy Secretary Coordination
Organisation name Home Department
3-It is submitted before the Honourable Sir that Regarding order dated Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 10:35 AM in the Case No.877/6/1/2021-WC of the applicant concerned with victim VANDANA SINGH, Honourable National Human Rights Commission passed following order as
This complaint be transmitted to the concerned authority for such action as deemed appropriate. The authority concerned is directed to take appropriate action within 8 weeks associating the complainant/victim and to inform him/her of the action taken in the matter.
2. Accordingly, I am attaching a scanned copy of the complaint/intimation for necessary action as per the directions of the Commission.
More detail is attached herewith for your kind perusal.
As informed earlier by Shubhra Tyagi Goel ASSISTANT REGISTRAR of National Human Rights Commission.
Yours sincerely
Vandana Singh W/O Mr. Rajkumar Singh D/O Nandlal Singh
Name of the father- Nandlal Singh S/O Naval Kishor Singh, Village- Babura, Post- Babura, Police station- Vindhyachal, District- Mirzapur, State- Uttar Pradesh, PIN Code-231307, Mobile number- 7459814605
Grievance Document
Current Status
Case closed
Date of Action
As per the report of Ahmedabad City, Ahmedabad.
Reply Document
Rating Remarks
It is quite obvious that report has been submitted in the Gujarati language which cannot be understood by the aggrieved application as well as by the complainant. Offenders managed to get bail from the court concerned and now they are running scot free and police did not make efforts to oppose the bail and now decision of the the court will come after long period and after pursuing the cumbersome process of the court. This implies that entire life of the aggrieved women will pass facing the imputations of the people in nearby surrounding. Where is the justice in this largest democracy in the world? What kind of reprieve has been provided by the court to the aggrieved woman before granting the bell to the offenders who have influence over the police quite obvious from the prolong delay in taking action against the offenders. Whether justice is available to the vulnerable section in our society which is man dominated.
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Shri Ashish Bhatia (Director General of Police)
Organisation name
GJ Director General of Police
Contact Address
Sector 18, Police Bhavan Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382018
Email Address
Contact Number
Reminder(s) / Clarification(s)
Reminder Date
CrPC Chapter XII S. 173 Report of police officer on completion of investigation Description Every investigation under this Chapter shall be completed without unnecessary delay. As soon as it is completed, the officer in charge of the police station shall forward to a Magistrate empowered to take cognizance of the offense on a police report, a report in the form prescribed by the State Government,

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