I Kall company sometimes says LCD is broken so service can not be provided and when found LCD not broken then SIM slot broken

Last Login Time : 2021-08-18 19:35:01

Grievance Details

Grievance Number: 3030239

Grievance Reg Date: 2021-10-16 03:43:32

Complainant Name : Yogi M. P. Singh Mahesh Pratap Singh Complainant Contact No : 7379105911

Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint

State : UTTAR PRADESH Purchase City : Mirzapur

Sector : Electronics Products Category : Mobile Handsets /Tablets / landline Phone Instrument

Grievance Company : Company Name : I Kall company, Helpdesk@ikall.in, inquiry@ikall.in

Type & Model: I Kall K 300 Date of Purchase: 2020-12-10

Under Warranty: Yes Amount Paid: 6199

IMEI no or Serial no: 352101110202280 Service Tag no.:

Name & Address of Service Center: Warehouse address:- Alpha Radios Shop No-1900 Near Shisganj Gurudwara Chandni Chowk Delhi-110006 job sheet / Work order no.:

Complaint no/ Ref. no(if any):  

Company Details Amazon online shopping Pincode (Company):

Product Value(INR) : 1000-10000 Nature of Complaints : Charging for repair / Not repaired under warranty

Grievance Details : Following item purchased by my wife Preeti Singh from Amazon online shopping. ORDER # 408-2369248-0963568 Order Details  Invoice Delivered 17-Dec-2020 Package was handed directly to the customer.I KALL K300 (Blue, 6.53 HD+, 64GB It is to be noted that the model number of this mobile is actually K320 and on its box K300 and a screenshot of software is attached to this representation.  IMEI/Serial number 1-352101110202280  IMEI/Serial number 2-352101110284783, Invoice number-IN-111203, Dealer name-Amazon onlineI Kall company is not providing warranty so broken terms of warranty so company may refund Rs. 6199.Most respectfully sheweth that 

1-Applicant placed the order on 10-December-2020 which was dispatched on 12-Dec-2020 and delivered to applicant on 17-Dec-2020 quite obvious from First page of attached document.

2-Second page is cash memo proving item / mobile of I Kall company was purchased for Rs.6199. 

3-Third and fourth page is the request made for repair of purchased mobile under warranty on 21-02-2021 just after one month and five days as the sim slot 1 was not working.

4-Fourth and fifth page is the denial of the services by the authorized service centre of I Kall company dated 06 July 2021 and 07 July 2021 by taking the false recourse that L.C.D. is broken. and they cryptically suggested that you may visit a service centre available in your district Mirzapur now and they will check the LCD if it is broken no service will be provided .  

5-On 30 Sept 2021 applicant visited the service centre as under point 4, they found the LCD was not broken but they denied warranty as sim slot 1 was broken which was invited repair under warranty on 21-02-2021 as under point 3. 

Factual position is that this sim slot 1 is not working since the date of delivery but sim slot 2 was working so applicant was serious about it as item was under warranty but company staff searched cunning tricks to deprive consumer from warranty, applicant never thought about it so they must refund if not interested to provide warranty if matter be brought up before forum, they will have to pay the other expanses occurred.

Status :  In Process  

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