Registrar of the company must disclose the explanation of the cheater company M/s CLUB HIGH SKY (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED for action


Grievance Status for registration number : DCOYA/E/2023/0001190

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Corporate Affairs

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Corporate Affairs >> Serious Fraud Investigation Organisation >> Allegation against functioning of SFIO officials


Grievance Status for registration number : DCOYA/E/2023/0001099 

Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant-Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt-17/02/2023 Received By Ministry/Department-Corporate Affairs

The matter concerns the deep-rooted corruption in the working of registrar of the company Kanpur. Registrar of the company is providing the licence to those companies which are fraud and those companies are indulged in looting the innocent and gullible people quite obvious from the numerous cases of cheating by these companies. Before providing the licence to a company there are certain norms which must be followed by the person or organisation who wants to take the licence for a company to carry out business in certain fields. Here entire norms setup by the government of India is overlooked by the registrar of the company Kanpur quite obvious from the several cases cheating by the such companies which are registered in the office of registrar of the company Kanpur. The demand of the applicant is that an enquiry committee may be set up by the government to look into the corruption which is rampant in the office of registrar of the company Kanpur. Why the registrar of the company Kanpur is allowing those companies whose sole Moto is to cheat the innocent and gullible people.

Everyone knows that our courts are flooded with the backlog of cases where it is not feasible for a common man to get justice because of huge pendency of cases.

Because of the dereliction of duty by the register of the company Kanpur, if huge number of aggrieved people will seek the shelter in the court then how can court will proceed in such cases? Whether court has no other job only to deal with the matter arisen because of the dereliction of the registrar of the company.

Whether there is no transparency and accountability in the working of the registrar of the company Kanpur because of whom numerous disputes are arising as they are providing licence to carry out business to those who are cheaters

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ROC UP-Compliant has been taken up with the company vide this office letter dated 07.03.2023 action taken letter is attached for references.

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There must be transparency and accountability in the dealings of the registrar of the company Kanpur and whatever they have assured to the complainant, they must keep their promise. Undoubtedly the action must be taken against the cheater company which is the demand of the hour when the corruption is on its Zenith. When the moral values are on its decline then people must come forward for the improvement and upgradation of the values in the society which are falling down. Think about the gravity of the situation the people open the company only to cheat innocent and gullible people which can never be healthy practice for a democratic republic like India. The Government of India must adopt iron hand to deal with the promoters of such ethical practices by opening the companies and taking the licence from the government in order to garner the support of people in the name of credibility of the government. Such practises are lowering the dignity of the Government institutions.

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From the following communication of the assistant registrar of the companies Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Mr Charan Singh it is quite obvious that registrar of the company has given 15 days time to the erring company and if they have not taken any proper reply from the company in the prescribed time they have assured the complainant of taking action against the company. Now it is obligatory duty of the appellate authority tu provide the action taken by the registrar of the company Kanpur against the company. You are most welcome to provide the action taken by the office of the registrar of the company Kanpur in the matter. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES, UTTAR PRADESH, 37 / 17. WESTCOTT BUILDING, THE MALL, KANPUR - 208001 (U.P.) WEBSITE / Website : -el/ E-mail: roc 0512- 2310443/2310227 Dated 07-3-2023 NO. TC/COMP/PG/20-143909//339 To M/s CLUB HIGH SKY (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED P.NO.5, NEAR KALAYAN GIRI MANDIR, THAKUR GANJ, HARDOI ROAD, CHOWK Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,226003 Sub: - Compliant against the company By Yogi M P Singh Sir/Madam I am enclosing herewith a copy of complaint dated 17.02.2023 received though PG portal no. DCOYA/E/2023/0001099 dated 17.02.2023 of Shri Yogi M.P Singh, In this regard, you are requested to furnish para wise clarification/explanation on the each point of allegation made by the complainants along with documentary proof, if any within 15 days of this letter failing which necessary penal action under the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, will be initiated against the company and its directors in default. Service of this letter may also be served upon the directors of the company under section 20 of the Companies Act, 2013. Encl: As above Yours faithfully  (Charan Singh) Asstt. Registrar of Companies Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur

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K. LAKSHMI PRASAD (Joint Director)

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Ministry of Corporate Affairs

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Kota House, New Delhi

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