Executive Engineer EDD II Mirzapur do not pickup mobile calls of consumers showing his arrogance in the Yogi regime and indiscipline


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शिकायत संख्या:-40019923003938

आवेदक का नाम-Yogi M P Singhविषय-The matter concerns the non picking up CUG mobile number by the Executive Engineer Electricity Distribution division second mister Rajesh Kumar of the consumers quite obvious from the following call history of the applicant. ExN EDD II Mirzapur, Mobile number -9450963598, Mobile BSNL, Call History,09450963598 Yesterday 17:01, 9450963598, Yesterday 16:58, 9450963598,04.02.2023 19:52 18m 14s 

The aforementioned mobile number of the excutive engineer Electricity Distribution division section has been given on the RTI portal of the Government of Uttar Pradesh to make contact him. If Mr Rajesh Kumar is not picking up his mobile number when the complaint makes call him then other mobile numbers on the portal must be provided. From the aforementioned call history it is quite obvious that yesterday the applicant had made call to the Executive Engineer Electricity Distribution division second Mr Rajesh Kumar two times at 4:58 p.m. at the evening and 5:01 pm at the evening. The entire bell gone but he did not pick up the phone. Moreover on the 4th February the outgoing Executive Engineer Mr A. K. Singh had called me on my mobile number and talked for the duration 18 minutes 14 seconds quite obvious from the call history. Outgoing Executive Engineer Mr A. K. Singh made this call at 7:52 p.m. in the evening. Now I want to make enquiry to Mr Rajesh Kumar who is the current Executive Engineer of the Electricity Distribution division second Mirzapur that he can make calls to everyone at any time but when someone will make call on his public mobile number or close unit group mobile number that is CUG mobile number he will not pick up the mobile phones. Whether government of Uttar Pradesh has ordered him not to pick up the mobile phones of the consumers or managing director of the Purvanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam has ordered so.

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