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Amazon online refunded money as item was not accepted by complainant but such cryptic dealings damaging credibility of online shopping


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Grievance Details

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Grievance Number: 3894983

Grievance Reg Date: 2022-10-05 00:14:57

Complainant Name : Yogi M. P. Singh Mahesh Pratap Singh Complainant Contact No : 7379105911

Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint

State : UTTAR PRADESH Purchase City : Mirzapur

Sector : E- Commerce Category : Online Shopping

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Govt Dept / Regulator :

Product / Service Type: Dry fruits Order no: #408-7430905-6057120

Transaction id: #408-7430905-6057120 Date of purchase / transaction: 2022-10-04

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Amount Paid: 563  

Company Details Amazon online shopping Pincode (Company):

Product Value(INR) : 100-1000 Nature of Complaints : Charging more than MRP.

Grievance Details : Your order #408-7430905-6057120 of 2 items Order Confirmation Order # 408-7430905-6057120 Order # 408-7566769-7480331 Hello Yogi, Thank you for your order. We’ll send a confirmation when your order ships. Your estimated delivery date is indicated below. If you would like to view the status of your order or make any changes to it, please visit Your Orders on Your purchase has been divided into 2 orders. Order summary Order #408-7430905-6057120 Placed on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 Arriving: Monday, October 10 Your shipping speed: FREE Delivery on eligible orders View or manage order Your order will be sent to: Yogi Mirzapur city, UTTAR PRADESH India Item Subtotal: Rs.333.00 Shipping & Handling: Rs.40.00 Promotion Applied: -Rs.10.00 Amazon Pay balance: -Rs.1.00 Order Total: Rs.362.00 use Tuesday, October 11 - Friday, October 14 Your shipping speed: Standard Delivery View or manage order Your order will be sent to: Yogi Mirzapur city, UTTAR PRADESH India Item Subtotal: Rs.200.00 Shipping & Handling: Rs.0.00 Order Total: Rs.200.00 It is quite obvious that Amazon online shopping had to charge rupees 533 but they have charged rupees 563 which is not only illegal but it is a kind of cheating is being done by the staff of the Amazon online shopping. The applicant immediately cancelled the order but still they are procrastinating in processing the cancellation of the order which is showing their ulterior design. Screenshots of the items are attached separately to this grievance.

Status :   Disposed  

Company Remark : Dear Sir, On the basis of your complaint and as per further investigation with the Internal Teams it seems that you contacted the Customer Support Team regards your Order # 408-7430905-6057120 placed on Tuesday 4 October 2022 As the price of the FBA order was below Rs 499 the delivery charge of Rs.40 was added for the FBA order as both orders were not FBA orders. As order 408-7430905-6057120 was not delivered and returned to seller,the refund was processed on 11 October 2022. Please contact Customer Support Team to proceed further if the issue persists. In view of the above the issue is closed . Thank you

Remark Date  2022-10-13 06:26:46 Status :   Closed

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Remark Date  2022-11-05 14:26:47 Status :   Disposed

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