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Daya Nand Singh

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Prime Ministers Office

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Think about gravity of situation that whoever submits the grievance against the working of government police on the Jansunwai portal is slapped under section 151/107/116 of the criminal penal code. This is characteristic feature of the police in the state.

सन्दर्भ संख्या  40019922023279 लाभार्थी का विवरण नाम Dayanand Singh पिता/पति का नाम Shobh Nath Singh मोबइल नंबर 9373315067 दिनांक - 06 Oct 2022 

अंतरित ऑनलाइन सन्दर्भ 06-10-2022 13-10-2022 थानाध्‍यक्ष/प्रभारी नि‍रीक्षक-विन्ध्याचल,जनपद-मिर्ज़ापुर,पुलिस अनमार्क

सन्दर्भ संख्या  40019922023283 लाभार्थी का विवरण नाम Daya Nand Singh पिता/पति का नाम Shobh Nath Singh मोबइल नंबर 9373315067दिनांक - 06 Oct 2022अंतरित ऑनलाइन सन्दर्भ 06-10-2022 05-11-2022 क्षेत्राधिकारी / सहायक पुलिस आयुक्त-क्षेत्राधिकारी , नगर ,जनपद-मिर्ज़ापुर,पुलिस अनमार्कYesterday the applicant had submitted aforementioned grievances and today police implicated the applicant under section 151 of the criminal penal code. Everyone knows that proceedings under Section 151/107/116. of the Cr. P.C. are only preventive measures and not pure criminal proceedings. These tools are used to maintain the peace and tranquility in the society. A circular issued by the government of Uttar Pradesh to curb the abuse of Section 151/107/116. of the Cr. P.C. under the instructions of the High court of judicature at Allahabad on 09 Sept 2021 attached to this RTI request as the first page of the document. Government of Uttar Pradesh has directed that police personnel found guilty of misusing the Section 151/107/116. of the Cr. P.C. may be penalized with pecuniary penalty of Rs.25000. If there may be genuine invitation for the application of Section 151/107/116. of the Cr. P.C., then to prevent the breach of peace, these provisions of criminal penal codes may be applied.The State Public Information Officer in the office of superintendent police may provide the following information to the information seeker as follows.  1-Concerned police officer may tell the information seeker where/location the applicant was arrested by the police when he was trying to breach the peace.  2-Who/identity provided the information to the police that the applicant is planning to disturb the peace and any clue which caused the police to take action against information seeker. 3-Provide the copy of F.I.R. registered in the matter which paved the way to police to prosecute the information seeker under section 151 of criminal penal code. 4-Provide the name, designation and posting details of the investigation officers concerned.  5-Provide the provision of law under which offenders committing crime under section 151 are arrested at the police station called in the name of providing solution of grievances submitted on the Jansunwai.

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महोदय, जाँच आख्या संलग्न है शिकायतकर्ता उपरोक्त की जांच आख्या संलग्न है श्रीमान् जी आख्या संलंग्न है

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S.P. Mirzapur, you may take a glance of following feedback given on top of the contents of the grievance. Online reference 06-10-2022 13-10-2022 Station Officer Vindhyachal Kotwa Being angered with the complaint of the applicant as submitted on 06-10-2022, sub-inspector Ramashankar Yadav fabricated the applicant under section 151/107/116 of the criminal procedure code. This complaint has been made against Ramashankar Yadav who instead of adopting a logistic approach in the matter fabricated the applicant under section 151/107/116 of the criminal procedure code. Whether discretion of sub-inspector Ramashankar Yadav is condemnable as it promotes the unscrupulous elements only. Those offenders are grabbing my property and police are fabricating us under section 151/107/116 of the criminal procedure code that reflects lawlessness and anarchy in the working of the police. In such anarchy, how can law-abiding citizens have faith in the working of the police in the state of Uttar Pradesh?

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Government of Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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