Thursday, October 27, 2022

Steep hike in the tariff of data services /packs caused the pain to each and every family because of maximum dependency on internet services

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Re: Reg. Internet services offered by private networks JIO, and Vi Idea are all cheating and fake
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Sudalai Kumar <>28 October 2022 at 00:30
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                    My mobile no airtel 9000782285 was deactivated after the ceasing of my mobile phone with two sim cards by? Nanguneri police. Then I activated the new sim card with the same mobile no for Rs. 100. I recharged some amount and then used the number for receiving calls and messages. Then they deactivated the receiving messages and called for not recharging the number periodically. Last Time I paid again Rs.100 for outgoing calls and messages. The validity is over now, and they stopped the incoming calls and SMS. I recharged just Rs. 10 for just receiving the calls and SMS from banks and other domestic services. But they have not activated it and again asked me to pay Rs.100 for just receiving messages and calls and I have not preferred even outgoing calls and messages. It's just looting money in hundreds, not even tens of rupees nowadays. How the village people afford these hundred rupees for even receiving calls and SMS I don't know. The same is happening with Jio no also 6381407264.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 11:18 PM Sudalai Kumar <> wrote:
                  The government of India has started cheating the people by increasing the mobile tariffs from minimum amount Rs. 10 to Rs.150 for all the private networks. The daily labourers and old people are just using the basic set mobiles which are cheap in the market. They are all using it for the emergency and important communication with the outside world for food, medicines and help. But the top up recharge cost is increased to minimum 150 INR to make any single call or rarely 10 calls. People who make 100 calls also have to pay 150 INR along with people who rarely call other people. There is no minimum tariff for basic set mobiles and two three calls in a month. This is uniform in all the networks so that I can't blame the private networks only the government is cheating the citizens all the way. The sons or daughters of farmer's families work outside for hunters and earn minimum wage in the cities and require communication with family in payment of increased tariff plans by corporate hunters.
I stopped doing recharge work with village people since I have to collect more money and deposit it in the bank with charge payment of Rs.25 for every deposit. 

On Mon, Aug 30, 2021, at 10:23 PM Sudalai Kumar <> wrote:
                     The internet services offered by JIO (9994741144) and Vi idea (9000782285) are all fake and cheating the customers in the name of data offer. I have checked the data offer on those two networks by choosing different plans like 3 GB/month validity, 2GB/month validity, 1.5GB/day, 1GB/day, 2GB/day on different tariffs Rs.50, Rs.250, Rs.150, Rs.200 and Rs.350 etc. Finally, this month I had 30GB/month plan for 150 INR. All the plans were used in the last six months with the same level of work. 1GB/day plan and 30GB/month plans are finishing faster than the other plans 1.5GB, yes this is obvious, but it is not normal. The 1GB/day plan is far better than the 30GB/month plan. Here the data consumption and fraud activities are high with bulk data plans for longer days. 
These networks are doing something which we can't complain and cheating with internet data plans. That too first fifteen days internet speed is very slow and then next fifteen days they are good enough. I don't know who is monitoring this and watchdogs on internet providers?

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