What is the cause of vast difference between blogger statistics and Google analytics available in Google analytics as well as Google search console


I think that there must be transparency and accountability in the working of every institution, firm, organisation but it seems that human being because of greed they indulge in unproductive and unethical activities which is against the spirit of human laws.

Here matter concerns the statistics of the blogger, Google analytics and the search consol which are not consistent with each other which means something is wrong in this statistics. 

A blogger writes blogs by hard work and application of intelligence and interested that it may reach to the right person but it is not happening so because of the carelessness of the tools being provided by the service providers on the internet including Google. 

It is the obligatory duty of the service providers on the Internet like Google Microsoft and others they must provide the services in the transparent and accountable banner and they must ensure the credibility of the services but it is not happening so because of so many flaws found in the services.

Here this question arises that why the visitors found in the search of Google analytics and search console are not found in the blogger statistics?


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