Pritesh Kumar submitted non compliance of order passed by U.P.H.R.C. Lucknow by S.P. Mirzapur before U.P.H.R.C. Lucknow in wife's murder

S.P. Mirzapur did not take any action in the direction of U.P.H.R.C. dated 01 June 2022 quite obvious from made available information quite obvious from the communication of Circle Officer, Prabhat Ray dated-19 June 2022 addressed to victim- Pritesh Kumar. 
Sir, it is quite obvious that entire communications forwarded by the Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission Lucknow are entertained by additional S.P. Mirzapur city who is also the public information officer as well as first appellate authority under R.T.I. Act 2005 because S.P. Mirzapur delegated his powers of FAA to PIO consequently appeal made against PIO is entertained by PIO sometimes APIO / C.O,
Now I may focus on the case instead of explaining the anarchy in the working of Superintendent of police Mirzapur.
 Sir you, Honourable Sir passed the order as follows. 

Diary No 1328/IN/2022 Case / File No 1410/24/55/2022 Victim Name PRITESH KUMAR Registration Date 24/05/2022 Action Date 01/06/2022 Authority THE SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE, MIRZAPUR 
Procceeding याचिका की प्रतिलिपि पुलिस अधीक्षक, मीरजापुर को पुनः इस निर्देष के साथ भेज दी जाये कि वह प्रार्थी श्री योगी एम0पी0 सिंह द्वारा दिये गये शिकायती प्रार्थना पत्र में अंकित आरोपों की जांच राजपत्रित अधिकारी से करवा कर आवश्यक वैधानिक कार्यवाही सुनिश्चित करायें तथा कृत कार्यवाही की आख्या आयोग को दिनांक 30.06.2022 तक प्रेषित करें। क्षेत्राधिकारी द्वारा अपनी जांच के दौरान मुख्य चिकित्साधिकारी, मीरजापुर से किसी वरिष्ठ चिकित्सक का सहयोग लेकर तकनीकी परीक्षण करवा कर संयुक्त जांच आख्या आयोग को उपलब्ध करायें। आदेश की प्रति मुख्य चिकित्साधिकारी, मीरजापुर को इस निर्देश के साथ कि पुलिस अधीक्षक, मीरजापुर द्वारा निर्दिष्ट क्षेत्राधिकारी द्वारा की जानी वाली जांच हेतु किसी वरिष्ठ चिकित्सक को संयुक्त जांच हेतु उपलब्ध करायें। पत्रावली दिनांक 31.06.2022 को पुनः पेश हो 

Report-Additional S.P. City provided the charge of investigation to Circle Officer Prabhat Ray in order to comply with the aforementioned order of U.P.H.R.C. Lucknow.
According to investigation officer Circle Officer, Prabhat Ray dated-19 June 2022 addressed to victim- Pritesh Kumar. 
1-Report sought from in-charge Inspector, Kotwali City in the matter as well as from other sources.
2-Wife of applicant died on 16 April 2022 during delivery.
3- After the written application by the father of the applicant, the corps handed over to relatives without a post-mortem. 
4-According to allegations of the application, lack of management in the hospital, Medicine and appropriate monitoring caused the death of the wife of the applicant.
5-Consequently, enquiry may be carried out by senior rank officer of department of medical and health. 
In view of the complainant, the aforementioned report of the investigation officer superseded the aforementioned order passed by the U.P.H.R.C. Lucknow on 01 June 2022.
I think that the complainant made a complaint before the commission by raising such points which were illegal and unconstitutional and the Honorable member of U.P.H.R.C. accepted the viewpoint of the complaint and passed the aforementioned order and now police has made the aforementioned order toothless because of its cryptic and mysterious working style. 
Beerbhadra Singh

To write blogs and applications for the deprived sections who can not raise their voices to stop their human rights violations by corrupt bureaucrats and executives.

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