Saturday, March 26, 2022

RTI reply received from district court saying court orders can not be given to the concerned parties under RTI act 2005 and not uploading the order

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From: Sudalai Kumar <>
Date: Sat 26 Mar, 2022, 11:41
Subject: RTI reply received from district court saying the court orders can not be given to the concerned parties under RTI act 2005 and not uploading the orders under some rules of law
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First appeal will be submitted to The Registrar General. High Court, Chennai-600 104.
                      The family court and district court of Tirunelveli has refused my RTI letter under RTI Act 2005 and refused to give information of certified copies or the order of HMOP/OP.No.251/2021 and OP.No.09/2019. They have mentioned some ROC.No. 923-A/2013/Comp3 dated 24-07-2020 orders for not uploading the court orders and I don't know which state high court has passed these foolish orders.
ROC.No. 3689/2013/RTI dated 04-04-2014 has been quoted for not providing information of court order copies under RTI act 2005 who the hell I don't know. 
The district court of Tirunelveli/family court palayamkottai is directly violating the constitution and  Section 2(f) and 2 (i) of the Right to Information Act, 2005

Whichever I know in recent judgements related to RTI act 2005 is The Delhi High Court on Monday said that the disclosure of personal information, which has no relation to any public activity or interest and revelation of which can cause "unwarranted invasion" into the privacy of an individual, cannot be disclosed under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.
I ask for information quoting that the High Court Rules are framed and the Rules provide for a 8 mode for furnishing of information by way of certified copies to persons who are party to the litigation after making payment of requisite fees.
Articles 124 and 225 of constitution- Information under section 22 The provisions of this Act shall have effect notwithstanding anything inconsistent therewith contained in the Official Secrets Act, 1923 (19 of 1923), and any other law for the time being in force or in any instrument having effect by virtue of any law other than this Act.
Requesting action on not following the RTI act 2005 by the family court/District court Tirunelveli.

Best Regards,
Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Farmer, Cow herder and Agriculturalist
Dr Farmers, Nanguneri Taluk
Tirunelveli 627108.

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