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Re: Reg. Issues raised with Mrs S.Pechiyammal by Mrs V. Kokila, wife of Mr Vadivel
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                    Since the Pechiyammal case not solved or taken yet for the illegal bigamy case. She got ill last week and went to the government health center by walking 2km at Thulukkarpatti and took an injection for the illness. She was also suggested to take covid 19 injection and completed. At the age of 55 she didn't take any auto rickshaw and did not depend on irregular bus timing in the village. She is surviving without a regular job, regular alimony from her husband, any person's help for medical reasons, even without the daughter in law in her home and the neighbours controlled by her husband's family. Her first daughter in law Mrs Perachi selvi left the house long back after doing abortions and the second daughter in law Mrs Kokila left the house last month and have not returned to the house. We don't know her whereabouts. Since she is also from the white race and not doing any household work. Obviously she will look after Perchai selvi. Whether Mrs Kokila is present or not in the house only petchiammal has to manage cooking, cleaning, washing  etc.,at the age of 55.
As I am financially unstable I could not arrange any maid for her regular work during illness. Therefore she requires at least the 30% salary of Mr Vadivel for her illness time, any vehicle for hospital, maid for doing household works etc., She will face issues in the rain time since her house requires renovation in front and already the bridge is broken causing rain water to come inside the house. Otherwise the front portion will fall anytime.
Note: Around 90s, Mr Subramanian removed her saree in the public place for her signature and did his illegal second marriage.

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I am directed to forward the trailing email with the request to take appropriate action as per Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, Schemes and Regulations framed thereunder, and apprise the action taken to the applicant under intimation to this Authority.



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Subject: Re: Reg. Issues raised with Mrs S.Pechiyammal by Mrs V. Kokila, wife of Mr Vadivel

The women's biased laws are dangerous to women itself. I think it is because of my mother's fear of her life whether the selfish women like Mrs Kokila or Mrs Perachi selvi would poison her food and kill her for my brother's salary or the assets owned by my mother. Every Woman wanted a high salaried person and got settled with their family either through alimony or separating husband from his family. My PhD skill helped me in awaring of future issues and got separated from the family of Mrs Kokila with my mother. Infact i failed in my own marriage. Now my mother wanted separation from women kokila and perachi selvi for their selfish and criminal motives. 
I am not able to suggest to my mother where to get justice since I don't trust police, court and aged relatives. Because biugamy case of her is totally suppressed.

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I have given many times warning to my mother and brother about the criminal family of Mr Venkateshhan and his daughter Ms. Kokila of Karungulam. I suggested that not to marry her since she had a criminal connection with Mr Athi Narayanan Family of V.M. Chatram and Ayaanarkulampatti. This Kokila started issues in my family to reconnect the family of Mrs Perachi selvi who denied me legally but wanted to join me illegally. Then they can frame a criminal case on me and enslave me. This kokila wanted to separate my brother from my mother and wanted to take him to her family. Otherwise the same thing happened to me will happen to my brother like criminal attack, abortions, illegal affair and fake police cases. She came to my house to complain about Mrs Kokila.
Therefore I request you to separate my mother from this criminal family now and allot the salary 30% of my brother Vadivel to my mother monthly. Therefore she can take my brother and live with him in her family at karungulam. As my mother sold all agricultural lands, assets etc for the studies of my brother Vadivel and she deserved to get a monthly survival allowance. 
When I get standard income I will also give 30% income to my mother. Everything should be made in written bond paper and stamped properly for legal issues. 
My mother owns her father's house and can be given to the son who is taking care of her medical, health and final rituals after her life period. This can be documented for her safety. I came to this conclusion since I couldn't get alimony from her criminal husband who married a second time illegally but the law and order is dead in tamilnadu.

Best Regards,
Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Farmer, Cow herder and Agriculturalist
Dr Farmers, Nanguneri Taluk
Tirunelveli 627108.