Padmavati Devi made complaint before superintendent of police but concerned police is still procrastinating in registering F.I.R.


संदर्भ संख्या : 40019921017718 , दिनांक - 05 Sep 2021 तक की स्थिति

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शिकायत संख्या:-40019921017718

आवेदक का नाम-Padmavati Deviविषय-The applicant wants to apprise you Honourable Sir that attached PDF document to this representation contains three pages. 1-First page is paper of my land, Araji number -296.2-Second and third page is the signed representation of the applicant which was submitted to S.P. Mirzapur personally and also sent through speed post on the same date-26 Aug 2021. Muscle men whose details are below had assaulted the family members of the applicant including my adolescent daughter Nandini and sister-in-law Kanak Lata at 9 O clock in the morning on 26 Aug 2021. on the same date  the matter was reported to the superintendent of police as aforementioned. It is most regretting that Chilh police did not register any First Information Report in the matter still which is acting like catalyst to offenders lurking to assault family members again and again quite obvious from subsequent attacks. It seems that this criminal attack on my peace loving family, Chilh police wants to put under the carpet. Sir, whether land grabbing is not a criminal offence? Here most important thing is that Chilh police had to register  FIR under following sections of IPC on the land grabbers who are as follows. 1-Mahendra Kumar Pandey S/O Kailash Nath Pandey 2-Nagendra Kumar Pandey  S/O Kailash Nath Pandey 3-Murali Dhar Pandey  S/O Kailash Nath Pandey 4-Shivam Kumar Pandey S/O Mahendra Kumar Pandey 5-Sundaram Kumar Pandey S/O Mahendra Kumar Pandey 6-Sangam Kumar Pandey S/O Mahendra Kumar PandeyThese offenders are the neighbours of the aggrieved applicant.Undoubtedly Chilh police fabricated my family under 107/116 which is a preventive measure, but factual position is that it is itself supporting the stand of land grabbers because if our family members may enter into their own land which is Araji number -296 attached as page 1 to the representation which title is in the name my husband Manjeet Kumar Pandey, they will assault us and police will again fabricate us under section 107/116 of the Cr.P.C.. Section 441 (Criminal Trespass): When someone unlawfully enters a property, or lawfully enters a property but unlawfully remains there (such as a tenant after expiration of tenancy) with the intent to commit an offence, or to intimidate, insult or annoy the person in possession of such property, it amounts to criminal trespass. Section 425 (Mischief): When someone intentionally or knowingly causes destruction of a property or any change in a property that diminishes its value or utility, they are said to commit “mischief”. Section 420 (Cheating): This provision is applied when someone cheats and deceives you into delivering any property to someone else. #Section 442 (House Trespass): This is a form of “criminal trespass” wherein the trespasser unlawfully enters a human dwelling, or any building used as a place of worship or as place for the custody of property. Section 503 (Criminal Intimidation): Any threat of injury to person, reputation or property with the intent to cause them to do something which they are not legally bound to do is a form of “criminal intimidation”.

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