If Yogi M. P. Singh wreaked vengeance by making complaint against alleged irregularity, then S.D.M. Sadar may provide such evidences


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Registration Number DMOMR/R/2021/60058

Name Yogi M P Singh

Date of Filing 05-09-2021

RTI Fee Received    10

Online Reference Number IK0BGPZMW0

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Registration Number DMOMR/R/2021/60058

Date of Filing 05/09/2021

* Name Yogi M P Singh

Gender Male

* Address Mohalla Surekapuram , Lakshmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir, Jabalpur Road

Pincode 231001

Country India

State Uttar Pradesh

Status Details not provided

Pincode Literate

  Above Graduate

Phone Number Details not provided

Mobile Number +91-7379105911

Email-ID myogimpsingh[at]gmail[dot]com

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Citizenship Indian

* Is the Applicant Below Poverty Line ? No

((Description of Information sought (upto 500 characters) )

* Description of Information Sought According to S.D.M. Sadar applicant made the complaint to wreak the vengeance, but it is fact whatever allegations made by the applicant is articulated by the cardholders of same village panchayat. There is videography of the distribution of the Ration in regard to concerned Ration card, showing explicitly that the ration is distributed by the Vijay Bahadur and his son. Still, they are shielding the wrongdoings. Applications of the cardholders were attached to grievances, but it is unfortunate that they are so incompetent to understand the contents of the grievances. According to letter number -468 dated 22 March 2021 of S.D.M. Sadar, pecuniary penalty of Rs. 1000.00 was imposed by Sub divisional Magistrate Sadar because of irregularity was traced in the findings consequently Supply Inspector Chhanvey was directed to ensure the compliance of the order passed by the S.D.M. Sadar. For detail vide attached document to the R.T.I. Application. 

1-Whether the challan of Rs.1000.00 was made by the Panchu Pasi to prescribed account head if yes provide the copy of the challan if not, provide the reason of non-compliance of the order passed by the S.D.M. Sadar.

2-If any subsequent order was issued to set aside its own order by the S.D.M. Sadar, then its copy must be made available.

3-Applicant made the complaint to wreak vengeance as stated by the S.D.M. Sadar in its order so provide relevant evidences including copy of documents proving the vengeance with the control rate shop. 

4-Name and designation of the staffs who checked the allegations made by the applicant on behalf of innocent and gullible people of concerned gram panchayat and submitted the report before the S.D.M. Sadar. 

* Concerned PIO Nodal Officer

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Registration Number DMOMR/R/2021/60058

Name Yogi M P Singh

Date of Filing 05/09/2021

Status RTI REQUEST RECEIVED as on 05/09/2021

  Nodal Officer Details  

Telephone Number 9454416808

Email-ID adm.lr.mi-up@gov.in

Beerbhadra Singh

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