In the state of Tamil Nadu, no citizen can request to show summon, before I may pursue your notice regarding interrogation

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVTN/E/2021/04327

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Tamil Nadu

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An application under Article 51 A of the constitution of India as an effort for the promotion of rule of law and human rights values with a pious motive to achieve a goal of good governance.

The matter concerns Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar Yadav M. Sc. Ph.D Pattarpuram village of Block Name Nanguneri taluk TIRUNELVELI DISTRICT who was humiliated by police personnel of the sub-inspector rank and police constables. The fault of this public spirited youth is that he is stuck to the rule of law.

Cause of humiliation-He is demanding a summon properly issued by the competent staff of the police, from the police personnel who are asking him to appear physically in the police station for interrogation in the complaint submitted before the accountable public functionaries before complying with the notice of physical appearance asked by them orally.

Herewith this representation, email representation sent by Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar is attached.

Sir, whether you would like to provide the details of those police personnel who breached civil, fundamental and human rights of the Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar because I want to proceed in the matter concerned with barbaric treatment by the police personnel in the independent India commemorates the arbitrariness and tyranny of the police during colonial rule.

To maintain Law and order is the subject of the state government and police is its tools whether such police personnel will maintain law and order in the state.

Whether to demand a summon is unjustified in this largest democracy in the world. Factual position is that police itself does not pursue the law of land and its focus is to create terror in the minds of common people and mostly succeed because of backwardness of the people.

Most surprising is that Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar already informed that the credibility of police is under cloud so he must be properly issued a summons.

Representation sent by Dr. Sudalai Kumar attached to the representation. Please take action abruptly.

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Tamil Nadu

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R. Rampradeepan

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Special Officer

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Gmail Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <>

Reg. Police harassment by Inspector, Constable and etc with the police vehicle in my house

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Sudalai Kumar <> 19 August 2021 at 19:21

To:,,,, Bala <>, Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <>


                   The police officials have visited me first the constable had hot argument for my appearance and recorded my scolding in his phone. Then he informed the inspector and he came to my house in his vehicle with a few more officials. Everybody had refused me the summon for my appearance and misbehaved with me. I said them that the behaviour of police with my wife's case i can't come without summon. 

Best Regards,

Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,

Farmer, Cow herder and Agriculturalist

Dr Farmers, Nanguneri Taluk

Tirunelveli 627108.

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