How can government encroach private land without pursuing due procedure of law in Amrit scheme of Prime Minister Sachchida Nand


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आवेदक का नाम-Sachchida Nand Shuklaविषय-The matter concerns the grabbing of the land by the Executive Engineer JAL Nigam arbitrarily without adopting due procedure of law by acting in caucus with the other accountable public staffs at the district level which is unconstitutional and arbitrary action by the district administration showing lawlessness and anarchy in the state. The application of the aggrieved addressed to the District Magistrate Mirzapur is attached to this grievance and document concerned with the title of the land is also attached to the grievance. Please restrain executive engineer JAL Nigam from grabbing the land of the applicant illegally even when applicant kept his point before the staffs concerned.  In India, right to property was initially considered as a fundamental right, but later it was scrapped down and became merely a constitutional right by the 44th amendment of the constitution, under the provision of Article 300A.The state has powers to acquire any private land for the public purpose or its own purpose, but this is only possible after giving adequate compensation to the private individual/ party.Here this question arises that why private land of the applicant is being acquired cum grabbed by the Executive Engineer JAL Nigam arbitrarily without adopting due procedure as prescribed under the law of India.  In 1967, the Himachal Pradesh government forcibly took four acres of land from a widow, Vidya Devi, to build road The court delivered the decision in favour of Ms Devi by stating-‘A citizen’s right to own private property is a human right. The state cannot take possession of it without following due procedure and authority of law; the state cannot trespass into the private property of a citizen and then claim ownership of the land in the name of ‘adverse possession’. Grabbing private land and then claiming it as its own makes the state an encroacher’Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) also recognizes the right to private property, and India is a signatory to that declaration. One thing is to be noted that the framers of our constitution paid sufficient focus to the right to property as they drafted article 19(1) (f) and Article 31 in the constitution.

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