At least executive engineer provided the mobile numbers of concerned whether they pick up it or not it is their prerogatives


Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2020/18600
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Uttar Pradesh
Grievance Description
The matter is concerned with the numerous breakdown in the supply of electricity and most surprising only 12 to 14 hours electricity is being supplied in the Surekapuram, Bathua, Polytechnique areas of the Mirzapur city which has made lives of the people in this area hell. Mobile numbers are provided to the concerned staffs of the department of electricity to attend the grievances of the aggrieved people but these mobile phones are either switched off or not attended by these public staffs of the department of electricity and they only pick up the phone if it is concerned with the department only. The applicant sent the email representation to various accountable public functionaries is attached to this representation so also take the perusal of this email representation but I know that you can not understand the contents of grievances so please guess the problem and dispose of it according to your convenience not according to aggrieved people of the area as usually done by the staffs concerned time and again. Undoubtedly the government is providing a huge salary from public exchequer but these staffs are not redeeming it through their services because of the greed.
Grievance Document
Current Status
Case closed   
Date of Action
अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित सन्दर्भ संख्या 60000200080608 का आख्या पोर्तल पर अपलोद किया गया है.
Reply Document
Rating Remarks
I think that they must ensure the basic amenities to the needy and supply of electricity is a great problem and when the government functionaries have promised 24 hours continuous supply to the consumers then they must fulfill their promises. Here in this case they were informed properly by the public spirited person so they installed the transformer in the decided time. To install new transformer but in the case where accountable public functionary is are not properly intimated then when they fulfill their promises? Our motive is good governance which can only be achieved if action on the part of the government may be swift and prompt.
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Shri Bhaskar Pandey
Officer Designation
Joint Secretary
Contact Address
Chief Minister Secretariat Room No.321 U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
Email Address
Contact Number

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