70 years old woman Shiv Kumari is seeking information from superintendent of police against the arbitrariness of subordinates


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Registration Number SPMZR/R/2021/60034

Name Shiv Kumari

Date of Filing 16-08-2021

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Online Reference Number IK0BFSKUE5

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Registration Number SPMZR/R/2021/60034

Date of Filing 16/08/2021

* Name Shiv Kumari

Gender Female

* Address Jangi Road , Kotwali Katra, Sangmohal post office

Pincode 231001

Country India

State Uttar Pradesh

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Mobile Number +91-8115605066

Email-ID myogimpsingh[at]gmail[dot]com

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* Description of Information Sought महोदय प्रार्थिनी के हस्ताक्षरित प्रत्यावेदन को नजर अंदाज किया गया जिसमे प्रार्थिनी ने स्पस्ट रूप से लिखा है की प्रार्थिनी भ्रमित और गुमराह नहीं बल्कि उसे पुलिस गुमराह कर रही हैप्रार्थिनी भ्रमित नहीं है वल्कि सम्बंधित पुलिस गोलमटोल जवाब दे कर उच्चाधिकारिओं और प्रार्थिनी को भ्रमित करना चाहती है श्री मान जी पुलिस द्वारा तारीख बदल कर पुनः वही रिपोर्ट लगाना इस बात का द्योतक है की सम्बंधित पुलिस विषयवस्तु का परिशीलन ही नहीं कर रही है जो की सम्बंधित की लापरवाही प्रदर्शित कर रहा है श्री मान जी निवेदन विषयवस्तु का परिशीलनोपरांत गुण दोष के आधार पर सम्बंधित पुलिस रिपोर्ट लगाए जिससे ब्यथा  का गुणवत्ता पूर्ण निस्तारण हो For more detail, vide attached PDF document to the grievance. 

1-During police investigation, application of mind according to submissions of the complaints by the investigation officer is the essential component of the investigation. According to report dated 04 Aug 2021 information seeker is puppet in the hand of her son with whom she is living, undoubtedly baseless and inconsistent report. Latter on information seeker submitted affidavit under her signature that she is neither confused nor under pressure of her son, but report submitted dated 09 Aug 2021 is the same parrot reply. 

Please provide the reason as required under subsection 1 d of section 4 of the Right to Information Act 2005 for accepting the repeated report of chauki in-charge by overlooking the affidavit of the information seeker. 

2-Information seeker is 70 years old woman senior citizen, if chauki in-charge looking into facts of the case. 

Please provide the records which proves information seeker took price of the land and house under controversy. 

3-Ground of rejection of transparent and accountable investigation after registering F.I.R. is the biased approach of information seeker because information seeker is a tool in the hand of her son, with him, she is living undoubtedly baseless. 

Please provide the reason how police is deeming justified and non-misleading act of the registry carried out without paying single penny to information seeker and rights of other sons encroached, or you can say blatantly violated. Whether the integrity of the police is not under cloud quite obvious from the circumstantial evidences. 

* Concerned PIO Nodal Officer

Supporting document ((only pdf upto 1 MB))

Registration Number SPMZR/R/2021/60034

Name Shiv Kumari

Date of Filing 16/08/2021

Status RTI REQUEST RECEIVED as on 16/08/2021

  Nodal Officer Details  

Telephone Number 9454401105

Email-ID addlspopmzr@gmail.com

Beerbhadra Singh

To write blogs and applications for the deprived sections who can not raise their voices to stop their human rights violations by corrupt bureaucrats and executives.

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