Whether police provides information in Uttar Pradesh if registration number of online R.T.I. Communiques is provided after one week



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  1. Now we have to wait and watch that what excuses are made by the state police to withhold the following information.
    Provide the following information pointwise as sought. 
    1-Provide the further action detail in the aforementioned lodged F.I.R. in the Krishna Nagar police station as well as in the Sarojni Nagar police station.
    2-Provide offenders details if any arrested by the police.
    3-Provide action taken regarding vehicle used by offenders as details available to police. 

  2. Online application was submitted one week ago but registration number was provided today which means government itself reluctant to provide information to the information seekers.

  3. It is fact that government functionaries in the state of Uttar Pradesh have adopted negative approach to the right to information act 2005 quite obvious from their mysterious working style of not providing information to the information seekers. Either they procrastinate on the RTI communique or the information seekers are denied information directly to provide information on the false and fabricated ground.

  4. Right to Information Act 2005 was brought up by the government of India to promote transparency and accountability in the working of public authorities but it seems that this August act has been put into the dustbin because of the corruption in the government departments. Now position is that no accountable public functionaries are interested in providing information to the citizens because they know that they will be exposed in public if they will provide information to the citizens.

  5. It is quite obvious that law and order machinery is failed in the Government of Uttar Pradesh otherwise police have to take action fourth time attack was made on the victim by the accused persons and there is evolution of the gangsters in the state capital quite obvious from the fact that they are committing repeated assaults on the victim and creating a terror in the state capital through criminal activities creating nuisance.

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