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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Undoubtedly whatever damages done by the Modi and Yogi government in 10 years, congress might not do in 60 years


Registration Number DPTAR/R/2019/60037
Name Yogi M P Singh
Date of Filing 29/11/2019
Status REQUEST REJECTED as on 14/01/2020
Reason for Rejection :- Rule 4(5).
  Nodal Officer Details  
Telephone Number 9454413939


  1. R.T.I. Act was put into dustbin by the Yogi and Modi government quite obvious from the lawlessness and anarchy of public functionaries.
    PIO may provide access to information in regard to recovery of the penalty imposed by SIC Uttar Pradesh 4 PIOs. 1-Copy of Treasury Challan made in the four cases. 2-Name of the PIO, still not paid the imposed penalty with detail of cause, not complying order of SIC. 3-Reason of failure of D. M. Mirzapur in ensuring compliance of SIC orders attached to communiqué.

  2. A man is great by his deeds and character and 10 years tenyore if not making some one great then how can he be great through the glorification of incredible media of this country which has no courage to publish truth. Undoubtedly few people in media are honest but they are nominate and facing the wrath of the corrupt public functionaries of this country.

  3. From the post it is quite obvious that wrongdoing was committed by the concerned staffs but it is unfortunate that accountable staffs of the Government of Uttar Pradesh are not taking any action in the matter which reflects the mockery of the law of land and complete lawlessness and anarchy.

  4. Sir Yogi M. P. Singh you have courage to speak truth otherwise whoever raise voices against the misdeeds of the corrupt public functionaries, then he/she will be harassed. Think about the gravity of situation that recovery was not carried out from the salary of wrongdoer public information officers. Here integrity of the information commissioners is also questionable because they are failed to ensure compliance of their passed orders.


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Patient is suffering in this undeclared curfew in Uttar Pradesh because of breathing problem such is mismanagement Covid 19

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