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P.M. Sir whether developmental schemes like mudra scheme and others are reaching to needy or only confined to media


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Re: Reg. Loan account under mudra scheme for farming business and house construction
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Sudalai Kumar <>13 April 2021 at 20:11
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Dr. Sudalai Kumar
Farmer, Cow herder and Agriculturalist
R/o. Vanumamalai Konar house
149, Pattarpuram main road
Nanguneri taluk, Tirunelveli 627108


I have planned to buy some cows and goats for my farming works in the village of pattarpuram from Erode cattle market held in two days. I have asked agriculture loans from mudra scheme but no response so far. Then I approached some persons for financial assistance and they ask me now my land, house and agriculture lands documents as security for loans. My all properties were taken by my own father and his family members and cheated me. I have tried last one year for recovery of my property under fraudulent Registration and illegal occupancy of ancestral property with NHRC and police. I failed now and not able to do any works for good income to pay village tax, temple ceremony and food products for cattle. Now I am helpless, homeless and jobless but support from my family members is also nothing. This is where my life started and moving with my fake cases, goon attack and police harassment. I decided already I am not interested to work under any organization. My final choice is the farming but the support is completely deneid. This is the reason why farmers committed always suicide when they lose support from family, government and politcians for any financial assistance during disaster, drought and damage. 
How useless government is framing rules for dowry harassment against some families but not closing the jewellery business to stop it completely. The same way they do politics with farmers. 

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021, 12:00 PM Sudalai Kumar <> wrote:
Dr. Sudalai Kumar
Farmer, Cow herder and Agriculturalist
149, Pattarpuram
Nanguneri taluk, Tirunelveli.


All my educational degrees are not useful now and will burn them very soon in my village as I have decided my future life in agriculture. Even I can't avail any loans for my farming works from any banks with my highest PhD degree. The department of geology and mining is not allowing me to close the loans with CPS money and save credit civil score for any loans. I wanted to buy some cows and goats from Erode cattle market held on every Thursday and Friday and start my dairy business. The delay in completing my personal legal case and releaese of money is the barrier for hard works. Even people are not believing me since the wife case is pending and not given any written statement against their criminal activities of goons, police attack, abortions and fake police cases by government. 
To show my resistance against this atrocities on me and my family I am burning my educational qualification degrees permanently. From 10 the STD to PhD degrees will be burned.

On Mon, Jan 25, 2021, 12:42 PM Sudalai Kumar <> wrote:
The mudra loan scheme is not replying to my email as well as online submission. Here understood that politics and it's slavery on agriculture and it's labour jobs are controlled by government and white race domination. I see the following category of people are exploiting the country in all the benefits and loans given by government and PDS ration or fair price shops in villages of India.
I have even applied for jobs and project according to my PhD education in college, government department and University of Hyderabad everything was refused due to corruption. Now I want to work manually, physically, use my skills in farming but people are not supporting me in giving loans, my lands and property due to corruption. This is the situation of highly qualified person then think about the situation of innocent people in India they can be cheated by socteity, family members, government staff and politicians.

1. There are absentee landlords who do not live near their agricultural holdings and even live abroad and entrust their agricultural land on lease and collect income (lease rent) every year. They too call themselves as  farmers but the right terminology to describe them should be “ absentee owner of land”.

2. There are others who live near the agricultural holdings but do not work physically on their land and engage workmen  and women to cultivate the land and these workers are paid wages. They too call themselves as  farmers , whereas the appropriate name for them should be “ agricultural entrepreneur”.

3. Another category is those who own a small area of land and physically work on land by themselves and their family members and cultivate. They are the real farmers.

4.Then, there are those who do not own land but work on the land getting daily wages , with no responsibility for yield but are expected to work hard. They do not get any social security coverage and they are generally termed as agricultural tillers. They do not have any job security. As they physically work on land, they should   be duly recognized as real  farmers . This is not done.

5. Then, there is one more category who do not own land and who are not involved in agricultural operations directly or indirectly but procure the agricultural products and sell them in the market  in various ways.   Many times, they extend loans to the cultivators at exhorbitant interest or pay them a sale price in advance for their agricultural products, fixing low price.  Then, they may hoard the products, deliberately increase the price in the market and make big profits. They too claim that they are part of farmer class but they should really be  named as “agricultural traders” (middlemen)

I belong to now 3rd category f owning s all land and work together with family but all my family members belong to other categories of giving land to other and taking benefits by giving wages to labor.

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020, 3:07 PM Sudalai Kumar <> wrote:

I have some share of atleast 15 Cents of ancestral land for doing this business behind ancestral house land at 149, pattarpuram, Nanguneri Tirunelveli 627108. I applied for CM scheme to construct house of 5-6 cents also at this address and now want to start business of farming and agricultural related works with loan of RS 3-12 lakhs scheme. Many of my father's family members are staying out side of this village and wasting the land for no use. If they give those lands also I will make use for my business. They are giving all my shares and their shares to other persons by having vengeance on me as lease and sold property among family members.  The vengeance is that I supported woman during his second illegal marriage and not Sharing it. 

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020, 4:48 PM Sudalai Kumar <> wrote:

I am Sudalai Kumar worked in government of Tamil Nadu for last three years at Chennai. Recently I resigned my job and shifted to Tirunelveli for self farming business of grazing cows, hens, goats and agri paddy field working. I had applied for assistant professor position in engineering as I have PhD qualifications but Covid 19 has stopped the colleges to recruit. I am purely unemployed and depend on my family for regular income and survival. In this regard I require details in email and share with my friends who are also I trouble.
I applied mudra loan in mudra website today and it says application submitted successful.

Dr. Sudalai Kumar

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सत्य परेशान हो सकता है,
लेकिन पराजित नहीं!!

Best Regards,
Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
Farmer, Cow herder and Agriculturalist
Dr Farmers, Nanguneri Taluk
Tirunelveli 627108.

सत्य परेशान हो सकता है,
लेकिन पराजित नहीं!!-भगवान श्री कृष्ण.