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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Gorakhpur D.F.O. not providing salary of 29 months of Satyendra Singh arbitrarily found indulged in corruption PAG report



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    Registration Number DPTFW/R/2021/60036 Name Yogi M P Singh
    Date of Filing 25/03/2021 Status REQUEST FORWARDED TO PIO as on 25/03/2021

  2. Divisional forest officer misused his post and withheld the 29 month salary of the staff Satyendra Singh which is completely illegal because they withheld the salary on the ground that his work was not approved by the the concerned senior rank officer but Sanjiv Kumar Singh is an IFS who made the recommendation to the divisional forest officer to provide the salary of the Satyendra Singh which is a recommendation in itself and his recommendation cannot be superseded by the subsequent officers who carried out the investigation in the matter.

  3. I have seen repeatedly that our Prime Minister itself makes allegations against Rival parties of corruption unfortunately Prime MinisterSir must peep into his own party where the corruption is rampant. Government of Uttar Pradesh did not provide 29 months salary to poor daily wage staff whose family is on the verge of hunger.

  4. How can act of the Government of Uttar Pradesh haded by Yogi Adityanath may be justified if the government itself not providing 29 month salary of its daily wage staff who performed his duty 29 months without getting the salary as this salary was withheld by the concerned staff of the department of forest of Yogi Adityanath arbitrarily.


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