In Uttar Pradesh PIOs are not providing information arbitrarily because of lawlessness in the state



Whatever comments you make, it is your responsibility to use facts. You may not make unwanted imputations against any body which may be baseless otherwise commentator itself will be responsible for the derogatory remarks made against any body proved to be false at any appropriate forum.

  1. Sir,  public information officer collectorate must provide within time as stipulated under subsection  1 of section 7 but unfortunately he remained failed. According to the aforementioned provision of Right Information Act 2005, a public information officer has to provide information within the stipulated time of 30 day. This 30 days is counted from the date of receipt of RTI Communique in the office of public authority.Without any doubt, Public Information Officer failed to provide information and did not communicate the reason for not providing information. Action must be taken against the PIO collectorate for still not providing information. Violation of provisions of transparency act by the PIO can not be overlooked by the senior rank officer who will entertain this first appeal.

  2. Right to Information act 2005 was brought up by the government of India to promote transparency and accountability in the public offices and in order to provide better governance, information commissions were setup to decide the disputes regarding the the August act Right to Information act 2005 but it seems that new incumbent is busy in diluting the provisions of this act.

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